Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Global Cooling, The New Pink

The world climate has just taken a sharp turn colder. For the first time in over four years, the area covered by sea ice over the globe has been greater than average -- and it's been that way since January. Currently the Earth has nearly a million square kilometers more sea ice than normal. The Earth also experienced a million square kilometers of sea ice above normal back in December -- more than any December since 1988..

Unlike fuzzy anecdotes and spotty human estimates about the coverage of sea ice, electronic satellite imagery is the gold standard for accuracy. These images have been taken daily since 1979. Sea ice coverage is measured against the standard daily average of the 1979-2000 period.

Don't know what happened to all that CO2 that was supposed to be causing Global Warming (tm). It's not like any of the major world economies has reduced its CO2 output over the last year. Maybe the CO2 theory has just gone bankrupt.


  1. Haven't you been paying attention, qwer? It's not called "global warming" anymore; it's "climate change". That way if it gets warmer or colder, it's a change. And the weather's going to change.

    But one of the reasons why they're so hysterical about how We Have To Do Something Now is that some of them realize that we were due for an inactive sunspot cycle, and this one looks like it might be particularly so. If we get the kind of cold weather I expect over this cycle, they won't be able to sell the Gorebal Warming theory to anyone.

  2. We're all gonna DIE!!!1!1! It's the beginning of The Day After Tomorrow!!! New York is gonna be buried in 200ft of snow, and people are going to insta-freeze in the streets!!! HELP!!!

  3. True enough, Mr. Monster, and that sunspot cycle is the subject of an article over at American Thinker this morning!

    In fact, the author posits a possible coming "Little Ice Age," which effects would be far more disastrous than AGW. Perhaps, if COOLING happens, they'll take credit anyway, do you think?


  4. Wow.

    Sheryl Crow is going to be sooo disappointed about having actual polar bears to show her son...

    - and she was so looking forward to 'teh Outrage'!

    - MuscleDaddy


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