Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Today in History: May 7

  • 558 The dome of Christian Emperor Justinian's Sancta Sophia (Holy Wisdom) in Byzantium collapses. He has it rebuilt. The Sancta Sophia ("Aya Sofiya" in Turkish) was later converted into the main mosque in Istanbul (the Turkish name for Byzantium).
  • 1901 American actor Gary Cooper born; The Virginian (1929), A Farewell to Arms (1932), Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936), The Pride of the Yankees (1942), Meet John Doe (1941), Ball of Fire (1941), Sergeant York (1942, he was specially requested by Sgt Alvin York), High Noon (1953), Friendly Persuasion (1956).
  • 1945 V-E Day (Victory in Europe); German General Alfred Jodl signs unconditional surrender terms for the Allies at Reims, France.
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