Thursday, April 9, 2009

Your Tax Dollars at Work - Pt. whatever

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These things absolutely infuriated me.
Leaving aside, for a moment, that the word "Race" is meaningless when applied to Homo Sapiens; consider these facts.

1. I am third generation red-neck Texan
2. My wife was born in Mexico
3. Her Grandmother was full-blood Incan (or the descendants, thereof)
4. Her Grandfather was a blond, blue-eyed Spaniard.
5. Both my Maternal Grandmother and Paternal Grandfather were born in "Indian Territory" so odds are better than even there's some "Native American" in there somewhere.

So what "Race" does this make my kids? Does one drop of "Hispanic" blood make them Hispanic like one drop of African blood used to make someone "Black"?

And this line just frosts my cookies. "If you decline to provide this information, please be aware that the USDE requires school districts to use observer identification as a last resort for collecting the data for federal reporting."


So why even bother to ask if you'll just make something up? So my lighter skinned kids get to be "White" while the darker ones get to be "Hispanic"? And just who, pray tell, is observing the observers?


  1. "...the USDE requires school districts to use observer identification... "


    Yah - MuscleMommy is half Mexican.

    You've seen MuscleBaby pics - how do you think that would work out?

    - MD

  2. LOL! If there was ever a poster child for "Anglo" it would be MuscleBaby the 1st. Just goes to show that appearance means NOTHING!
    On the school enrollment forms, I just switch 'em each year. "This year, you're Hispanic and next year you'll be White."

  3. Just keep making it up. List "other" every time, and put "Martian," "Morlock," "Vampire," whatever you like in the field.

  4. They took away the "Other" box. I guess they got tired of me writing in "Human" every time. I should have tried "vermicious knid"

  5. This form is an integral part of the leftist* program. The Left cannot deal with people as individuals, but instead insists on classifying them into groups from which their identity can be assigned. If they can get you to put yourself into one of their little boxes, the next step is for you to defer to the overseers of your particular plantation, who tell you what you're supposed to think. Dare to differ, and you're a "self-loathing" black/womyn/gay/hispanic/Jew/whatever. Look at the abominable appellations applied to Condoleeza Rice for the doubly dastardly deed of being black and female, and a Republican. Had she also managed to be Hispanic and lesbian, we'd have seen visible foaming at the mouths of the Progg* Sanhedrin.

    *I refuse to call them "liberal" or "progressive"; there's nothing liberal about them, nor does their program represent progress.

  6. I know a man who once dated an albino negro woman. What category do you think they would place her in?

  7. Michael Jackson is dating again?

  8. What I love about it all is that the more the left says that they want everyone to be treated equally, the more they pull shit out of their ass to divide us into groups and categories.

    I would have put 'Kryptonian'

  9. Michael Jackson is dating again?

    Nah, this woman had a deeper voice.


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