Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Arab World Loves Us Now

This came into the tip line, and boy am I glad it did!

Dear Friend,

Good day to you I got your contact from a Business Directory, and I decided to contact you directly for the sake of business.
I am Mr.Kazim Obaid Kazim,the Credit Officer with a reputable bank here in U. A. E.I am sending you this mail because I want us to carry out a business
transaction of ($9.5million)together in my bank.

Mr.Kazim Obaid Kazim,
I'm really glad that we now have a President who is liked and respected abroad. Back when George W. Bush was in office, do you think a reputable bank in the Emirates would have any interest at all doing business with the likes of us? I'm a Zionist Christian, after all. But now, with Obama, all things are possible. This is really change we can believe in!


  1. All right! You know it's got to be legit, because no self-respecting scammer would use the same first and last name, right? Right?

  2. Maybe we could get him together with the Teacher's Union from the previous post - they could help each other out and it would all be the result of Obama's Compassionate Empathy!

    - MD

  3. Dear Friend,

    Good day to youse. My name is Badda Bing. I got ya name from um, a "business" pal of mine who thought you'd be interested in some concrete shoes...


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