Sunday, July 12, 2009

We have eggs!

In case you missed it over at Michelle Malkin's site here's a look at the people, defending their constitution, that The One has decided to side against in Honduras:

His sign reads: “We don’t have oil. We don’t have dollars. But we have eggs (balls)!”

[Updated just to add some linky love for Michelle, who once got bleeped on FNC for talking about whether someone has balls. Maybe she should have said "huevos" instead. -TM]

Edit: thanks to Doug for correcting the translation of the sign "Honduras is [the] example for the world. We don't have oil. Not even dollars. But we have BALLS!"


  1. Actually, it says, "Honduras is [the] example for the world. We don't have oil. Not even dollars. But we have BALLS!"

  2. Well, in PR we learned a different way of referring to the male genitalia. "Huevos" means "eggs", but "Guevos" means "balls" of the scrotal variety ;)


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