Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cults of Personality: Romania, Lebanon,...

A Romanian who lived through the Ceauşescu cult of personality, and now lives in Lebanon, warns that Nasrallah's Hisb'allah party is pretty much the same thing:

I thought the danger is there, in the cult of personality, lingering in the secrecy, in the spying, in the songs indoctrinating people.... If it were a state, Hezbollah would operate a dictatorship.
Read the whole thing, and see if you can spot emerging examples in Western countries, too.


  1. Wait - "Songs indoctrinating people"? Now where have we heard that before?

  2. Establishing a Cult of Personality... That's a Peace Prize!

  3. Talk to anyone who's lived in a totalitarian country and ask them what their views are on the actions of Obama and his cohort. Virtually all of them will tell you that they recognize the pattern very strongly. I won't say just yet that they're trying to completely subvert the Constitution and set up a totalitarian regime, but if they were planning to do so their actions wouldn't be a lot different than they are today.


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