Sunday, November 22, 2009


I thought I'd to check out the Texas page on
Notice anything?

The difference between "Total" in the top section and "Total Funds Awarded" in the bottom section is five hundred forty-seven thousand seven hundred twenty-six dollars.

You know what they say, "A half a million here and a half a million there, and pretty soon you're talking about some REAL money."

If you hover over the "Total", you get this helpful message.

I'll re-type it here, for sheer incredulity's sake. "Sum of funds awarded to primes (less awards to their subs) and sub-recipient awards from primes at that location."
Well, hell. Isn't that obvious?
If you hover over "Total Funds Awarded", you get this helpful message.

"The sum of funds awarded by a Federal Agency to a prime recipient at that location."

If I'm a sub-prime I get 500K? Isn't that what got us into this current economic mess in the first place? Where do I sign up?

Happy Fact #1: $10,679,918,184(total funds awarded) divided by 19,572 (jobs created or "saved") = $545,673.00 per job. Where do I sign up?

Happy Fact #2: $1,826,235,380(total funds received) divided by 19,572 = $93,308 per job. Where do I sign up?

Happy fact #3: has just been awarded another Eighteen Million Dollars to fix a web site that has already spent 12-14 million dollars.

Can you imagine the web site we could create with 30 million dollars?

It might even be able to compute basic math! Or maybe, just maybe, be able to screen for congressional districts that don't exist.


  1. This is not the same kind of "sub-prime" as a "sub-prime loan". These are primary recipients and their sub(sidiary) recipients. That means that the government didn't give money directly to the subs; it gave 10.6B to the primes, who then distributed it to the subs. All but a cool half million that went to the administrative expenses of the primes.

    I wanna be a prime.

  2. I realize it's not the same "sub-prime" I just found the terminology to be deliciously ironic.

  3. I went and checked out Kentucky. It has similar cost/job ratios, though the raw numbers of each are much lower. Where do I sign up, indeed. However, in my Zip Code (41095), the numbers are even BETTER!

    $2,899,479 awarded for 5 jobs saved or created! That's $579,895.80 per job saved or created! WHERE DO I SIGN UP?


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