Friday, February 19, 2010

"Uncle" Orson hits one out of the Park!

Orson Scott Card is one of my favorite authors of both fiction and essays. His latest "Civilization Watch" column in the Greensboro, NC Rhinoceros Times entitled "How to Produce Stupid Children" should be required reading for all parents who truly love their kids and want them to grow up and be able to think for themselves.

There are too many good quotes to pick one and call it the "money quote". Here's a sample:

"As long as a single child grows up to vote Republican, these educators feel that they have failed."

"The Leftaliban version of American history has clearcut black-and-white good-vs.-evil stories to tell." (I do believe he's created a new word!)

"When they stop teaching American history before 1877, that will mean that everything that has made America a great, exceptional nation that has inspired and, yes, saved the world repeatedly, and is still the inspiration for true reformers in every part of the world – all those things will be ignored."

"But, you see, that "narrative" – the story of Franklin, Paine, Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton, Jackson and Lincoln – is useless to them. It hurts them. It encourages people to think for themselves."

As the InstaProfessor says: "Read the whole thing!"


  1. Orson does it again. Yes, the insanity continues to the point now where they not only to change our history, but to erase it. May God have mercy on their souls, that they should read Psalm 2 as they continue to destroy the foundation of our great nation. -A

  2. I have thought for some time now that the root of most of our problems is the Leftist control of the edu-info-tainment complex. The indoctrination is so strong that it cranks out millions of reliable voters for left-wing causes every year.

  3. Excellent article indeed. Thanks for the pointer. I'm spreading the word.

  4. Excellent stuff! Linked at mine!

  5. "Which means they're going to skip the part of American history where Republicans were solely responsible – over the bloody opposition of the Democratic Party – for freeing black people from slavery. You know, that altruistic war where an army composed mostly of white people from the North shed their blood to end the "right" of states to secede from the Union so they could continue to enslave other human beings."

    Umm... Okay - get where he was trying to go - but it really pisses me off when people do this (and teach it in school!!)

    There was rather more to the War of Northen Agression than that - and, in fact, it didn't become 'about slavery' until the Northern Armies got their asses kicked early & often and Lincoln needed to publicly grab for a moral high-ground to counter civilian anti-war protests in the Northern cities.

    Most people conveniently forget that the late-game Emancipation Proclamation was directed ONLY at those Southern states still engaged in open rebellion against the North after it was to go into effect - Had any Southern state returned-to-the-fold before that, said Proclamation would have had no effect on slave ownership in that state.

    The real basis for the War Between the States (Civil War is a misnomer) could be more accurately distilled to "Taxation without Representation"

    Sorry - pet peeve of mine.

    - MD


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