Saturday, May 8, 2010

Border Security is not a Laughing Matter

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    The 2010 United States Senate Race for Arizona comes down to:

    Who do you believe?

    With less than 100 days left until the Primary Election:

    Do you believe the multi-term Senator who says he has changed?
    Do you believe the multi-term former Congressman who says he has changed?


    Do you believe Jim Deakin who says neither the Senator nor the Congressman has changed? They are both lying to us all again.

    For 6 and 7 election cycles the Congressman and the Senator have been telling the voters of Arizona how important it is to secure Arizona's southern border. Even with 6 years of a Republican lead House, Senate and Executive branch, they failed to secure our borders. This year they are telling you they have CHANGED.

    The Senior Senator has a new 10-point plan. What has he been waiting for? Why has this plan not been implemented already? Why has it taken 30 years to come up with this 10-point plan? We should not elect him to another 6-year term to get our borders secured.

    The Congressman wants to introduce a new Law. The same law he failed to get passed by Congress in 2005. How will he get the law passed through a Democrat controlled House, Senate and Executive branch? How many earmarks will it contain? We should not elect him to a 6-year term hoping enforcement of this new law would be more stringent than the hundreds of existing laws.

    If you believe, as does Jim Deakin, that neither of these politicians has changed, then we need your donations, your support, and your vote.

    Arizona's delegation to the U.S. Senate has an opportunity today. Jim Deakin would filibuster the nomination of Elena Kagan, today. Jim Deakin would filibuster and vote against every U.S. Supreme Court Nominee presented by the President until this President and his cabinet enforce the current laws, including finishing the border fence.

    Arizona does not need a "Last Line of Defense" or a "Hope I've Changed" campaign.

    Arizona needs a strong frontline in Washington D.C.

    Jim Deakin needs your support, your vote, and your donations in-order to defeat the incumbent politicians who have driven Arizona to this quagmire.

    With less than 100 days until the election, time is of the essence make your most generous contribution today.

    Mail your personal checks to:

    Jim Deakin for Senate
    Attn: Treasurer
    PO Box 73251
    Phoenix, AZ 85050


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