Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chris Christie Contrasts Common Sense vs. Government Drones

Some fresh Chris Christie awesomeness [Hat Tip: Cubachi]

Another reason to decentralize government. Why should states have to fill out a thousand-page application to get money from the US government? Let the feds tax us less, and each state can raise that revenue instead.


  1. If the Dems had the governor's seat, do you suppose some Obamarrhoid would deny NJ their funding for the same complaint? The only creativity they have is to find more ways to punish people they don't like, and they don't like this guy - so they're happy to screw NJ just to make him look bad.

    No point in waiting for the hyper-edited newtork spin on this one - they'll just bury it instead. Damage done, moving on.

    I guess.


  2. I especially like the way he disavowed the "throw somebody to the wolves" mentality that seems to permeate other politicians.


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