Saturday, January 29, 2011

Firewall 10: SOTU Response

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vitriol, Hate, Spin

Posted with permission from the author:

I for one am tired of hearing about the "Vitriol" and "Hate" some say are used in todays discussions and speech about politics.

It seems that for some, a difference of OPINION and political views is enough to get one classified as a "HATER" or as someone who uses vitriolic speech.

We should be careful not to fall into this trap or mindset, labels are often thrown around to try and silence those that have an honest sincere disagreement with anothers views.

I would like to ask those that are using these terms and throwing these labels around, just what they want and expect from the MILLIONS of Americans who have concerns about our country and the direction it is going.

If you want to have an HONEST straightforward discussion/debate about the state of politics in this country, you MUST consider the views of both sides.
You must understand that there are MILLIONS of Americans who love their country, are extremely concerned about the welfare of their children, are and have been hard working tax paying citizens..... all they have is their VOICES and VOTES to try and keep the country that they love intact.

Consider WHAT they see and HOW they feel when:

They see the Health Care Bill rammed down their throats... with votes that were bought and paid for. When a Congresswoman is shown on national TV saying that " I didn't come cheap, I got a hospital for MY vote."

The speaker of the house laughs when asked about the constitution and answers "Are you serious??, Are you serious??"

When John Kerry says... "The American voter has historically been disinterested in the politics of our country...." and laments that now, the American voter has opened his eyes..... sad that some of us are awake and paying attention now.

When Cass Sunstein, Obama's regulatory Czar says that he believes children should be able to be aborted up to the age of TWO YEARS OLD because they are not self aware.... and that ANIMALS should have the right to sue humans and should have their day in court.

There are MANY examples of acts and statements that cause honest Americans to be concerned.

I would suggest that those that are so very quick to talk about vitriol and hate are those that would see our country ravaged and changed for the worse.

Maybe, just maybe, if we had an administration that followed our constitution
instead of looking at it as an impediment to their way of governing, we wouldn't have this "VITRIOL."

Maybe if the laws of our country were followed and the government DID it's job instead of being concerned about the things that it was not given the power to do, things would be better.

I don't know what the label throwers want.... maybe we should just shut up, sit down, and pay our taxes.... because apparently if we don't, we are haters.

I'm just tired of the smoke and mirrors, tired of of the labels and lies.

Just venting....... sorry for the RANT!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Firewall 9: Obama at Halftime

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Funny: The Big Gavel