Thursday, August 7, 2008

Levant wins, but free speech still loses

The saga of Ezra Levant continues. In How I Beat the Fatwa and Lost My Freedom, he describes his "victory" over the "Alberta Human Rights Commision" (an Orwellian name, if ever there were one.)

My dismissal is not a victory for freedom of the press. Because Alberta’s press is not free — it is now subject to the approval of the government. But Canadians have the right to a free press in spite of the government. We have the right to break every one of Gundara’s petty and subjective rules.
As the Blogfather says, read the whole thing!

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  1. And, it is rapidly creeping into America. In the news today, Random House refuses to publish a book about Mohammed's child bride, because of the fear of backlash.

    We have also seen how Homosexuals became a protected group. Apparently they are incapable of producing a valid case for why they should be granted rights given to no other group. But, the Political Correctness machinery has decreed that anything that disagrees with the Gay Agenda is to be considered Hate Speech.

    Thank you for keeping these issues in focus.


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