Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mr. Subliminal Goes To Pittsburg?

This is beyond ridiculous.

Michael Hayslip of KFJX-TV (FOX 14 Pittsburg, KS/Joplin, MO) is seeing coded racist messages in McCain ads:

Obama's catch phrase throughout this campaign has been "change".

Take a look at the crowd above Obama, who during this original campaign stop were holding individual letters to spell out "CHANGE".

But the way the ad runs, there's a dark shadow through most of the "C", and the "E" at the end of the word.

Take out those two letters, and you have a new word right above Barack Obama's head.

Not only is the message coded, but so is the report: Hayslip can't even bring himself to say what that word is. To their credit, Obama's people in Joplin had no comment on this theory.

Why would it not surprise me if Hayslip watched his copy of Loose Change so many times it's melted inside his DVD player?

[Afterthought] And furthermore, Obama's main catch phrase is "YES, WE CAN!". "Change" is merely one of his buzzwords, as in the catch phrase "Change we can believe in".


  1. Dang me
    Dang me
    Better take a rope`n`hang me

    Hayslip is just pointing at a sign of the times.

    Going forward, in re~ verse.

    Just a hand in the Bush,in the Bush,,the Bush

    Second verse
    Same as the First

    I'm `enery the eigth I Am
    `enery the eigth I Am, I Am

  2. Oh, and I almost four-thought.

    Crucify Him!

  3. Subliminal,
    Yeah, like all those subtle pictures of Bush with crosshairs on his head or a noose around his neck.


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