Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Which of these is creepier...

I like children singing.

When they do it well, like Bianca Ryan, Will Dutton or Connie Talbot it can be very moving.

Or it can be a little creepy.

Like these.

We're Gonna Change The World

Tomorrow Belongs To Me

UPDATE [The Monster]: That first link appears broken, but Reason TV has this:

UPDATE 2 [TM]: Found a good copy of the first video. Don't be surprised if, like Burning Down the House, this one gets pulled, too.


  1. I knew what the song was, before I clicked the link.(the last one)
    Creepy doesn't even begin to describe it. Even down to the uniforms and the hand signs.

  2. The music teacher creeped me out - it looked like she was trying to focus her undying love/devotion for Obama and channel it into the kids...

    ...who, of course, had no idea what (who) they were were being pimped/manipulated for...

    - MuscleDaddy


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