Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Win one for the Gipper

Watching how the MainScream Media has gone completely in the tank to push their agenda has really beaten me down the last few days. I just heard ABC's Jake Tapper pin the failure to pass the bailout bill squarely on the Republican congressmen who voted "no", despite the fact that 95 Democrats voted against it, including many committee chairmen and vice-chairmen who owe their positions to Speaker Pelosi.

She spoke right before the vote, framing it as the fix for eight years of failed Republican policies. Maybe some of the Republicans who heard that decided that if the bill is a repudiation of their party, then the majority could damn well carry their own water. Maybe that was her plan all along. It really doesn't matter, because whatever happens, the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) will tell us it's Republicans' fault. It really gets depressing knowing that most people only get to hear one side.

Then I listened to this. I feel better now. We won't win the war of ideas on the broadcast TV news programs. We'll win it around the kitchen tables. We can't do anything for the kool-aid drinkers; we'll have to show the fair-minded people how the news is being manipulated and get them motivated to make sure that it doesn't pay off any more.


  1. In a way, that makes me even more disheartened, because the erosion of patriotism and the understanding of what America represents has continued apace, as if he had never even made the effort to warn us of it.


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