Monday, December 1, 2008

Naming Contest!

Since we've lost sight of that whole "Posse Comitatus" thing...
(perhaps Barack is putting together a different kind of 'posse')

I propose a Naming Contest!

What will we call the new Stasi?
Who are to be deployed only in case of a disaster, of course!
(wouldn't it just be a disaster if The One's approval ratings were to dip suddenly?)

So far, Monopticus & I call dibs on "Praetorian Guard".

What can the rest of you come up with?

- MuscleDaddy


  1. How about Obastasi?

    They will be our own (U.S.) troops, at least...

  2. My first idea about what to call them is unprintable. But Wilson called it the "American Protective League" when he instituted his secret police back during WWI. I think "brownshirts" would be adequate, regardless of the color of their uniforms.

  3. I do hope that enough of our military officers take their oaths of allegiance seriously that they will refuse unconstitutional orders from Obama.

  4. Obama better be sure it isn't a Praetorian Guard. The original acquired a habit of whacking Emperors that didn't treat them right, and installing a more congenial sort.

  5. Yah...

    That's why we called 'dibs' on that one.

    - MD


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