Monday, December 29, 2008

Obama...."Stimulus Package"?

Okay, I'm confused now.

Obama is urging for a "Stimulus Package" - one that would (in the spirit of stimulus packages) "stimulate" the American economy by encouraging the American people to .... more stuff?

In the immortal words of The One: "Uhh..."

It seems that I quite vividly remember The Obamessiah saying:

“We can’t just keep driving our SUVs, eating whatever we want, keeping our homes at 72 degrees at all times regardless of whether we live in the tundra or the desert and keep consuming 25 percent of the world’s resources with just 4 percent of the world’s population, and expect the rest of the world to say you just go ahead, we’ll be fine.”

Okay - everyone seems to have gone along with that:

- No one's buying anything,
- No one's going anywhere
(OPEC keeps slicing oil supply to bleed the Ugly Americans, but without demand...)
- No one's homes are worth what they were, so no-one's buying 'up'

In short, America is consuming less than anytime in recent memory...

But now, The One wants to 'stimulate' us back into greater spending/consuming?

But...but... what about "The Rest of the World"???

Surely, those whose good opinion Obama cherishes most (read: any country not America) neither want nor need the Ugly Americans to go back to our Disproportionately-Consuming ways, right?

Oh wait, maybe they do...

But how does THAT fit into the Obama world-view of America-Moving-To-An-Inoffensive-Second-World-Status ?

I just don't get it - the country starts sliding in the direction he wanted, and now he wants to change it - it's like he can't make up his mind.

- MuscleDaddy

p.s. - what are you going to do with your stimulus check?
- I intend to do my civic-duty, being my-part of enacting a bailout of Mossberg!


  1. I just don't get it - the country starts sliding in the direction he wanted, and now he wants to change it - it's like he can't make up his mind.

    You know you can't please Liberals. You give them what they want, and they tell you that's not what they meant.

  2. They're searching for whatever makes them feel good about themselves. When one of their half-baked nostrums is implemented and has the effect more rational minds knew it would, why, that wasn't what they intended since they don't now feel better about themselves. Therefore, something else needs to be done to buck up their (already-overinflated) self-esteem...


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