Friday, February 20, 2009

Ok – so Holder called us a “Nation of Cowards”…

Holder: US a nation of cowards on racial matters

...and all across the inter-web-netubes, everyone is expressing offense, outrage and

The first-two are a given – no one can say anything about anyone (either individually or as a demographic) these days without offending and outraging someone else – it’s part of the Politically Correct culture of victimhood in which we live. (never mind that I can’t even think of an alternate-universe in which it would be the AG’s place to speak officially on such a topic)

But …Surprise? Why surprise?

I mean, I suppose I can see someone being ‘surprised’ that such a statement of derision and scorn for the American people would be coming from “The Office of the Attorney General of The United States”IF one were somehow able to separate the Office from the Man holding the OfficeI guess.

But remember that Eric Holder is an Obama appointee – and not to a ‘throw-away’ position, handed out for the appearance of “bi-partisanship”
(Gregg-and-the-powerless-Commerce-Position comes to mind).

Someone in the AG spot has REAL power – he’s The Top Law Enforcement Officer in the country – able to make Final decisions about Who comes under What Charges and Which laws are going to be Enforced ‘today’ - and you’d just better BELIEVE that the President is going to be sure that he and THAT appointee see eye-to-eye.

So understanding this means only asking yourself a series of questions:

Can you think of another US President...

- who has so long supported America hatred?

- who has so consistently shown disrespect for America’s symbols?

- who has openly associated with those committed to America’s downfall?

- who has so plainly voiced his disdainful opinion of small-town America?

- who has so openly written of his negative opinion of “White People”?

- who thinks that the Typical White Person is, at his heart, a bigot?

And, playing it straight, there’s an old saying that goes something like ‘In a successful marriage, a husband and wife may have different likes, but their hatreds must be in alignment.’

So what do Michelle’s closely-held beliefs say about the man she’s been married to for all these years?

So now we have an Obama appointee to the Office of Attorney General who believes that, when not ‘forced’ together by the legal outcomes of the “civil rights struggle”, white people deliberately have “no significant interaction” with anyone else.

(and make no mistake, that’s what he’s saying; show me someone who thinks that the Civil Rights movement – as necessary as it was at the time - was about anything other than forcing minority-inclusion into ‘white’ society, and I’ll show you a shameless revisionist)

…which only means that he’s echoing opinions and beliefs that his boss has held to all of his life

– which would have been a pre-requisite for landing the job in the first place.

Again –

I just don’t get the ‘Surprise’.

- MuscleDaddy

P.S. – This was my favorite part:

"We work with one another, lunch together and, when the event is at the workplace during work hours or shortly thereafter, we socialize with one another fairly well, irrespective of race.

And yet even this interaction operates within certain limitations.

We know, by "American instinct" and by learned behavior, that certain subjects are off limits and that to explore them risks, at best embarrassment, and, at worst, the questioning of one’s character."
Easy for him to say – I don’t see the AG getting hauled into HR and losing his job & his family’s main source of support, because he asked “Why do black people seem to…” in the break-room.
Would that a ‘questioning of character’ were actually “at worst”.

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  1. Well said. O truly is the affirmative action president. It's really a shame that our first black president couldn't be an American. As to Holder, I don't see what he's all up in a tissy about. He's lighter than I am, and I've got strawberry blond hair and blue eyes! If dude is not MOSTLY white by heritage, I'd be shocked, scratching my head and uttering "well, I'll be..." There's another point - Obama is our first HALF black president - and that's the half that isn't American by anyone's definition. They always kind of glaze over that, don't they?


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