Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Okay - A Small Diversion...

I wandered over to Life in 3D (hey, Instinct) and happened upon...

... The Hero Factory.

Absolutely the single coolest thing in 2009.

The best part may be that every time you start over, That Song starts over.

Every. Single. Time.

I will not rest until every one of you is a superhero.

- MuscleDaddy


  1. Hey MuscleDaddy!

    You didn't start doing your 'Flashdance' routine did you? I thought you had finally thrown out those leg warmers.

  2. How did you get it to say "Muscle Daddy" like that? When I tried, it chose a stupid name for me based on my uniform options.

  3. Instinct,
    Wrong movie, man - that was from 'Footloose'...and every other movie after that in need of the perfect 'Hero' song.

    Ah - yeah, I cheated.

    Photoshopped it after saving - you're right, the supplied names are dumb.
    (added the extra text @ the bottom, too)

    If you want one for your refrigerator, send me the file & I'll do one for you.

    - MD

  4. Yea, the wife informed me of that so I told her I had the wrong chromosome to watch any of them.

    She was also quite irritated at the names and also the fact that the woman's handgun was pink and red. In her words "WHAT THE @#$@#$!!! This is bullshit."

    You didn't cheat, you just modified the rules a bit.


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