Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Letters from Democrats: Pre-emptive "Interpretation".

I somehow got on a mailing list and get these from time to time. Apparently, Donna Brazile wants me to think I'm on a first-name basis with her:

The — Don’t watch Paul Ryan’s convention speech tonight. I’ll tell you what he’ll say right here, right now:

He’ll honor the Republican Party, which just adopted Todd Akin’s ban on abortion with no exceptions for rape as part of its official platform. He’ll promise to restore our country’s “traditional values,” like denying same-sex couples the right to enter into marriage. And he’s going to tell a roaring crowd that Mitt Romney will be the next president.

He'll do it knowing this race is a dead heat after bombarding President Obama day after day with secret, special-interest money from billionaire financiers.

Ryan understands how high the stakes are right now, and I know you do too. The most important deadline of this election hits in 48 hours, so let’s condemn Ryan by raising $500,000 before his speech at 10 PM. Can you contribute $5?

If Democrats can’t respond right now, Ryan and Romney will win the key swing states they need to take over the White House and Senate.

Please contribute here:


I know you leftists are used to telling us what people "really meant" after they say something, but you could at least have the decency to let the man actually speak before you start putting words in his mouth.

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  1. I liked the speech but he could have summed it up like this:
    "Economy broke.
    I make fix."

    No matter how you feel about Gay Marriage or abortion, neither of these things matter if you have no economy.


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