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  1. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor!

    Nothing is over until we decide it is!

  2. Nice - glad to see we're on the same page, Bill.
    (not that I'd have expected else)

    See the post here below yours...

    (now do me a favor, and go tell it to that $&#@%&*in' Allahpundit)

    - MuscleDaddy

  3. It will be wonderful to stand in a long line of red balls on Tuesday. It will be one of the best days of my 56 years on earth as I support Mac and 'Cuda!

  4. And I'll see you ALL there, smiling in our effort. Be of good cheer, my compatriots!

  5. Thank you and God bless you.

  6. There are enough anomalies,such as PUMAs, NOW leadership for Palin, shifts in existing poll percentages towards McCain, numerous revelations about Obama's past, the obvious bias of the Fascist media, and more, such that anyone would have to be a total idiot to bet on Obama! We may in fact be witnessing a sort of swan song for serious lefist challenge to a free society. If, which to me seems likely, McCain wins with a Senate minority allowing vetos which cannot be overridden, we may see the end of the mythology that Democrats are somehow better for the average person's economic heath, not to mention the quieting of internatiional crisis.

    Of coure, we must fight an intellectual, politcal, and emotional battle in the public battle space for the free society which is the essence of America, and that fight will not be easy. However, given that McCain wins and we fight the good fight, it seems likely to me that Leftismi has crested and will now recede.

    Johnnie Garner

  7. Oh Proteus, how marvelously prescient you are in truth.
    The Obamatroid is gonna frag what is left of the GOP "intelligentsia" like the extinction event at the K-T boundary.
    Well, that is what you get for not believing in evolution.

  8. Jin-and-tonic-derella,

    Have another one - have two - they're on me.

    'Course, you're going to need more than two to dull the pain after the 4th.'re on your own for those (gonna be a bigger tab).

    - MuscleDaddy

  9. I couldn't agree, but still wonder what that watermelon's doing over there.

  10. Thank you, Mr. Whittle. As a conservative and an English major, that was one of the most inspiring and amusing poems I have heard in quite some time. The Oyster family will be doing our part in the next few days to make sure that in our part of the City, the walls will not go unmanned. Not on our watch. Oyster out.

  11. I already knew who I was voting for - the old war-horse.

    There is intelligence, there is experience. And there is wisdom - built not on theories and a machine party, but on where every theory and machine is tested.

    The real world.

    The old war-horse has been in the real world and seen theory and machination impact on that world. Irony, attitude, all the costumes and masks. 2+2=4, no matter what someone says 4 is still the sum of 2+2. The war-horse knows that, and I want that clear sight. Life isn't a stage - it is.


  12. An unverified Obamicon insider states 80% of their polling calls are hang ups. In other words their polling numbers are 80% incognito.

    Personally I'm registered Independent to avoid the dunning calls and Caller ID spares me the polling stuff. John Shadegg is my rep and acquaintance. I don't need to iterate support. Neither Kyle nor McCain are up this year for Senate. Here, Kerry stickers prevailed in '04 but still he lost my minority ghetto 7% (working the polls I was especially pleased by all the Viet Namese asking how to vote against Kerry...and me a SwiftBoat honorary). This year McCain stickers predominate. It's funny as the state party hates him and he never has to campaign for Senate.

    The Silent Majority is alive and well. The 'nattering nabobs' that brought Obama this far are playing their last hand. By viewership and readership they'll not be with us next cycle in any meaningful way.

    Either way "You won't have Hillary to kick around anymore" (sic). Here endith the Nixonisms.

  13. Bill,
    Bravo, encore, ole and all that rah. My husband got a call from a pollster a few weeks ago. It had to do with gun ownership and gun control; he noted that the way the pollster worded the question, virtually every sentient, non-sociopathic being would have to agree that "gun laws" are desirable. Thus, we get red-and-blue-ball "agreement" that guns should be controlled. When he refused to play her game, she hung up on him.

    This little red ball careening wildly around the urn is going to run two miles to the polls on Tuesday at 5:30; I want to be one of the first garnet orbs voting for Palin and the white-haired dude.

  14. Boy, I wish that valor and courage would make a difference - but it won't. VOTE! Do so. Let's make it OBVIOUS!

    But this election has been stolen. Completely and utterly rigged as though we were in Venezuela, the Soviet Union, or one of the other Obamessiah's favorite Socialist hells.

    MILLIONS of fraudulent voter registrations. tens of thousands of Legitimate military votes being thrown away. Hundreds of millions in fraudulent donations. Voting machines that mysteriously alter Conservative votes to other parties.

    I've voted - but only to make it more obvious that these criminals have destroyed our Republic. Make no mistake - the One shall be 'president' and he will be confirmed by the Democratic Congress - the very people who've helped him steal it.

    But our votes will make no difference whatsoever. I anticipate Obama receiving the traditional 99.5% of the vote showing how the people's love him so!

    I am so completely bummed watching this happen - every week they make it more obvious. Every week they gloat more about how they've ripped the election off - and how it's GOOD and RIGHT that they've done so. I believe we are about to enter a very long, very dark night. The Liberals have succeeded in extinguishing the last light and the last hope for mankind. Well done, leftist twits.


  15. I, too, have already voted. The only improvement on this fine idea I can ask for is a biometric ID card as ironclad proof of citizenship and a receipt (if I want one).

    I stand ready and red.

  16. I was going to sit this one out, but McCain has shown a whole lot more sense than the one o. And he picked Palin. I like both of them.

    My one and only and I voted early on Thursday. No line, and I knew the election workers.

    Baraq's true beliefs have become abundantly clear: Socialist/communist, and leaning fascist by his actions. His Idea of "Christian" bears no relation to my beliefs.

  17. We will win, but if for some reason we are to be tested with an Obama presidency, then we will all be called on to lead, to educate and to prevail. I will never give up.

  18. Two more early voters for McCain/Palin . . . in battleground Ohio. And we are even residents here, no less!

    As an aside, I will be working the polls as a poll judge. Since the military isn't in my resume, and I'll likely never get to sit as a juror being a lawyer, I figured this was the best I could come up with in the category of pure civic duty. Should be very interesting, if nothing else.

  19. Marc,
    Thank you for your service, sir.

    I had some vacation to burn, so I took Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
    Monday, I will be making calls.
    Tuesday, I will be car pooling folks to the polls.
    Wednesday, I will be recovering from either an awful or glorious hangover.
    BTW. Watch party at The Lounge Tuesday night.

  20. "What are we going to do, sir?"
    -Commander Riker, "Encounter at Farpoint", Part I

    "Do? We're going to do exactly what we'd do if this Q never existed. If we're going to be damned, let's be damned for what we really are!"
    -Captain Jean-Luc Picard, "Encounter at Farpoint", Part I

  21. "History is made at night. Character is what you are in the dark."

    What's the movie?

  22. Look on the bright side, people - even if Democrats bring home the big prize in the two houses and the executive, their hands are going to be severely tied. This economic crisis - it is nothing less - is not even _close_ to being resolved. Obama will still be a president of a center-right nation, surrounded by countries ruled by right administrations. From what I have seen, watching and following him over these past two years, his innate tendency leans towards caution and conservatism [non-political, of course!]. He is an ambitious man, and he most definitely does _not_ want to be a one-term occupant of the role of national _father-figure_; my prediction is that he makes the careful and cautious play _every_ time. Look at how amazingly disciplined his campaign has been - losing his cool at any time would have been the end of a black candidate - and ponder the self-control he so-far has displayed.

    He could, of course, do irreparable damage to our economy and political system, but the America of today will not tolerate it - for Pete's sakes, he's probably going to just squeak in and take an election that, by any right, the Dems should have had sewed up months ago, beyond the hope of any Republican miracle comeback. In four years Sarah Palin will be much more experienced and ready to lead a charge against him [if that, indeed, is the direction the Republicans choose to go in]; by then Obama will have faced enough tests to have either wildly succeeded or just muddled through; and in either case, the inevitable backlash against a Democratic domination will set-in, and a rejuvinated Republican party will once again take control of at least one of the two house bodies.

    Think on how despairing and low the Democrats were heading into election day in 2004, and how fired up, enthusiastic and eager they are today; that could well be the Republican party in 2012.

    Think on it, and be cheered!

  23. ~Paules says,

    I do not believe that a McCain victory will be a miracle at all. I rather expect it. In fact, I'll go on the record and predict a rather decisive victory.

    Consider what we know about the MSM. The people who work there have surrendered all pretense of objectivity. Their collective credibility is shot. They are clearly living in a world divorced from the lives of average Americans. And their inner circle is both incestuous and elitist. Hubris often leads to spectacular errors in judgement, and Nemesis feeds on the fallen.

    I think BW's rewrite of Henry V is about right. The arrogance of the French nobility caused three major military disasters during the Hundred Years War: Crecy, Poitiers, and Agincourt. And who stood victorious over those fallen knights, dukes and princes? Ordinary foot soldiers. In this scenario, that would be us, brothers and sisters. It would seem that our betters lack the ability for introspection. Lo, how the mighty fall.

    Humility is a virtue in short supply amongst our elites. The average working man or woman in this country is a better person by far than the smiling egos we see nightly on the tube. We, at least, are aware of our limitations. Life has taught us to be cautious in word and deed. Contrast our attitude with the elites to whom so much has been given: fame, wealth, privelege. They believe themselves infallible. Surely their success confirms their wisdom and superior intelligence. Condescension sets in and they become immune to truths known by the common man.

    What happens when word leaks out from their inner circle about how they really feel about the rubes who populate this nation? Do you think Pennsylvanians have forgotten the "bitter clinger" comments? Or forgiven them? That sort of slight draws anger that will not ever forgive. It requires retaliation. And revenge is a dish best savored cold.

    Marxism gave us the concept of class war. I find that ironic. Because you're about to see class act (pun intended) by America's working people. We're going to put the elites in their place in this election. We'll show them who runs this republic, by God. You think Sarah Palin's popularity is an accident? We know our own, and she is most certainly one of us. She's the perfect heroine. Rally round the leader, boys! Fix bayonets! Prepare to charge! We'll see who takes the glory from this field.

  24. Steve Browne wrote November 1, 2008 2:43 PM:
    "History is made at night. Character is what you are in the dark."

    "What is the greatest joy?"

  25. The reason the political pollsters can get away with their pseudo-scientific nonsense is that they declare that what they are doing is explicitly untestable -- and yet they want to call it science (or statistics, if you like).

    They ask a month before the vote "If you were voting today...". This way they can claim that they are "sampling" the "views" of what the people are thinking on that polling day, a month before the election.

    Importantly, they are explicitly rejecting their poll as a prediction of what will happen a month later when the people vote. Hence, their poll is untestable because without a vote on that specific day, no one knows what the people's views really are on that day a month before the vote. There is no way to test the poll's accuracy. No way to find out if the pollsters are wrong. (No way to find out if a Gaussian distribution applies even to the sample mean they come up with because of the lack of randomness in the selections.)

    That is to say, there is no science (statistics or otherwise) behind their polling. Political polling is like a cargo cult. They are using the trappings of statistics without the verifiability of science.

    However, the pollsters go further. They claim that because their polls accurately measure the "views of the people", that when a week later the polling changes, the change must reflect a real change in the "views of the people" -- so they look for the cause of the change in what happened during that week rather than looking for the cause of the change in their nebulous polling procedures. And this bald claim of the pollsters resonates because, well, there actually have been some things that happened during that week.

    It's natural human nature to see a change and look for the cause among the things that are prominent -- the happenings during the week. And we know that if another Tawana Brawley rape allegation (or even a serious real event) shows up at the last minute, it's natural to assume that something that big might change views. So it seems that there actually is some sort of causal connection between external events and views of the people.

    It would take a real statistician to see the change in poll numbers and remember also to look within the polling procedures for the cause of the change. But, if the pollsters (the pseudo-statisticians) can make more money shilling their polls, will they ever look within their polling procedures for the causes of daily and weekly changes? There is more money to be made by claiming that every poll number change is the result of external events, and has nothing to do with flaws in polling procedures.

    And as long as the pollsters get to claim that their polls are NOT PREDICTIONS of the actual vote, they'll always get away with their untestable pseudo-scientific nonsense.

    The bottom line: don't bother believing the polls. Like a broken clock, it's only a coincidence if they are right.

  26. Queen1 wrote November 1, 2008 2:49 AM:
    This little red ball careening wildly around the urn is going to run two miles to the polls on Tuesday at 5:30; I want to be one of the first garnet orbs voting for Palin and the white-haired dude.

    Nice turn of phrase. Well said.

  27. jinnderella wrote October 31, 2008 11:10 PM:
    The Obamatroid is gonna frag what is left of the GOP "intelligentsia" like the extinction event at the K-T boundary.

    Predicting an Obama landslide, are we? I'm easy. Let's find out.

    Well, that is what you get for not believing in evolution.

    Trying to read minds again? Sorry, better luck next time. Consider trying without the foil hat. Heh.

  28. Laugh a'while you can monkey boy!!!

  29. The Obamatroid is gonna frag what is left of the GOP "intelligentsia" like the extinction event at the K-T boundary.

    On the contrary, it has already fragged (past tense) the ideological left of the "intelligentsia" (scare quotes entirely appropriate. It has revealed the effete latte-sippers who call themselves "Republican" to be every bit as elitist as their counterparts styled as "Democrat".

    We are in the middle of a fascinating realignment. The Democrats are becoming the party of the cultural elites and the lowest economic rungs, while the Republicans are more and more the party of the middle class.

    To those who think an Ivy League education is required for service at the highest levels of government, I say "good riddance". To Toby Keith Democrats-turned-independent (or even Republican), I say "welcome home!"

  30. Bill, McCain is not going to lose. Gore lost his own state. Kerry, up in the polls on election day by 6 to 8 points, lost to Bush by 3. Clinton only won two terms because Perot pulled conservative votes away from Bush and Dole.

    The PUMAs are telling the pollsters they will vote for Obama, but they are lying on purpose, and will be voting for McCain. Millions of democrats are voting Mccain. 5 excited young women went together to vote for Obama, according to Steven Foley of the minority report blog. One in the booth four out of the five couldn't vote for Obama; they didn't feel he was ready, and knew McCain would keep us safe. 80% who if polled the night before said Obama, voted McCain once alone with their conscience in the booth.

    72% of Americans call themselves conservatives, only 23% consider themselves liberals. There is a lot of noise for Obama, but the polls are grossly overweighted for the democrats, and fixed.

    I went to early vote, and the line was hours long....people in a hurry on both sides of me to vote AGAINST Obama and socialism, and Michelle saying this country is mean.

    I loved that you used Henry the V's encouragement to his troops the night before Agincourt, it absolutely fits. Not only the spirit is the same of us who must beat Obama, but that day, Henry said, "God. fought. for US!".

  31. There is tremendous realignment going on in the democratic party members who love their country, and their party, and watched the DNC and Obama's ACORN thugs steal the nomination. There are millions of them working like crazy for the election of McCain/Palin. They seem to have a passionate loyalty to these two warriors that even outstrips what I have seen from republicans, all except for Team Sarah, with Jeri Thompson, which is alive and kicking. I am tremendously impressed with these democratic women and men, who while admiting that they don't agree on all issues with John and Sarah, still like them, trust them, and state they are far better for this country than Obama. is a clearinghouse for links to these PUMA sites, and it has a full page of letters from lifelong (since infinity) democrats, whole families of them, who are voting McCain Palin and canvassing and calling and working their hearts out for him.

    I can't help but have a feeling that something amazing is going to come out of these groups of democrats, who are far more conservative than Pelosi, and besides that, thinks she is evil just like we republicans do.

    These dems could teach republicans a thing or two, especially all these weasels and rats deserting a ship they think is sinking, burying grampa before he even dies. And I used to think all dems were like Maxine Waters and Barney Frank. Not so at all, and reading their sites has made me feel there is tremendous hope. They have given me more of that commodity this year, while loving our candidates John and Sarah with a fierceness that makes me cry, even though they don't agree with all their policy stands.

    Some new enormous groups of people who say they will work to end the corruption in their party and in Washington seems to be growing like a tsunami far out in the ocean, with the tremendous shift of tectonic plates that are buried too deep to be seen from shore....

    Mccain has their votes, Sarah has their trust, their respect, and their love. And Obama says he can win without them. I don't think so.

  32. One more important thing about political polls to keep in mind. While pollsters don't like to have their polls called predictions, there is one point in time when it's really hard for them to avoid that -- within a day or two of the election. The thing about the last poll published before the election is that the closer it is to that election the more it looks like an actual prediction of election results.

    This can be a big financial benefit -- recall Zogby's predictions of the 1996 and 2000 presidential election results. But it can also ruin a pollster's reputation. Hence, as with most seers and politicians, pollsters want to claim credit if their product is accurate and they want plausible deniability if their product is wrong. The best way for pollsters to cover their hind ends at election time is either to stop polling a week earlier (and blame inaccuracy on external changes -- a November "surprise") or to put serious effort into creating a real polling prediction.

    So, forget the silly polling momentum thingy -- it's not real because it relies on the pseudo-science notion that pollsters don't have to validate their early polls. What really matters is polls that are released on election day, or the day before, are going to be as accurate as those pollsters can make them -- just to keep egg off their collective faces.

  33. Christine - Do you really believe that Pelosi is evil? Does this extend to Democrats who aren't currently _loving our candidates John and Sarah with a fierceness_?


    It's amazing to me the direction this country is moving in. Clinton Derangement Symptom wasn't fully formed until Hillary and the health care fiasco. Although the first shoots of Bush Derangement were sprouting and visible with the cries of _They stole our election!_ it was, for the most part, quiescent, until it sprang fully and richly into bloom during the springtide of the Iraqi war buildup. Now we can proudly say we've evolved our collective Derangement Symptom to the point that, regardless of which candidate wins, they will be well and truly loathed, despised, even hated with a fevered passion by a good-sized chunk of the nation before they've had time to congratulate their campaign workers and loosen their tie.


    Good luck to us.

  34. Chris Sastre,
    I see your point. Personally, I don't think Speaker Pelosi is evil; just partisan to the point of being a harm to our country.
    But then that's always been the dichotomy. The right sees the left as misguided or uninformed and the left sees the right as evil, with actual ill-intent.
    I don't believe Speaker Pelosi acts with ill-intent. I believe she lives in a self-constructed world of ideas that bear very little resemblance to the real world.

    I never had Clinton Derangement Syndrome, I actually liked the guy. (as a beer buddy, not as President) Should Obama be elected, he will be MY President and I will support him when I agree and oppose him when I don't. But he will always be MY President and I will grant him the respect that that office deserves.

  35. Well said Bill.

    I am impressed at the quality of the comments here, and must spend more time exploring this site. I had a similar idea back when Bill was doing his essays and I missed the comment sections when he would turn them off. Good job, and I recognize some of the monikers. I can't remember if I was using "Curmudgeon" or "Contumacious" at the time.

    Some of you are giving me a glimmer of hope; however, we need to be prepared for Civil War II either way it goes. If my new love, Sarah, somehow pulls McCain through this to victory, the ghettos will erupt into anarchy overnight. If that spills out beyond the metropolitan rabbit warrens and University towns inhabited by the Left, and into flyover country, my Jacksonian brethren won't put up with it for a nanosecond. Be prepared... ◄Dave►

  36. ~Paules says,


    Welcome to our little group. Regarding civil disorder in our inner cities when Obama is defeated, there's a silver lining. The One has the influence and charisma to put it down with soothing words. He needs to be gracious in defeat. That necessity means the lawyerly option of appealing the election to the courts will be truncated. A protracted legal battle could lead to weeks of rioting. Where would Mr. Unity find himself then?

  37. Purely anecdotal observation from the battleground state of Florida: I have seen LOTS of signs for McCain/Palin in yards that typically held Gore and kerry signs in the past. I have been very skeptical of the one-sided news coverage proclaiming Obama as the inevitable winner and based on past polling efforts I figure that if Obama isn't up by at least 6 by now that he may very well be losing in reality.

    Just last night I talked to a very liberal friend of mine who said she just couldn't vote for Obama when the time came. Too many question marks with him, she said. She ended up early-voting libertarian, which is just a good as a vote for McCain. I have a feeling she's not the only one.

  38. ~Paules says,


    Glad you could join us. Anecdotal evidence is encouraging, but I have something better. I received a leaked memo from McCain's internal polling. If it's authentic (I admit that I have no way to verify), it shows Mac way ahead in Pennsylvania and competitive in New Jersey of all places. Iowa is still up for grabs as well.

    The fact that Obama has been campaiging in Iowa where polls show the race settled gives some credence to the internal polling numbers. Likewise, Mac and Sarah are still hitting PA hard. Why would they spend the money and time in PA while battleground states are still undecided? It makes no sense.

    I think when the dust settles, the pollsters will be revealed as part of the MSM's drive to stampede the electorate. A Mac win means the end of the MSM as a credible source for news. Let's hope.

  39. This Friday, my neighborhood suffered an invasion. Heavily-armed men locked down the largest public gathering space for miles in any direction, the streets were closed, traffic drew to a standstill, all useful commerce was suspended, and residents whose cars weren't safely locked in their garages found them towed away, as thousands of chanting lunatics imported from out of town took over.

    You see, I live in Highland Indiana, and the park across the street from my house was the site of an appearance by the Obamamessiah.

    You know what gives me hope?

    There are twice as many McCain/Palin signs on lawns around here as there were on Thursday.

    "Nobody" voted for Ronald Reagan or George Bush either. And yet they both managed to win presidential elections (TWICE! Each!) somehow.

  40. Thanks, Paules.

    I heard about those internal polls too. While encouraging, I still have a tough time believing we have it THAT good. If the independent pollsters are going to have any kind of credibility left after the election they have to start adjusting their results to reflect reality as the big day gets closer. Otherwise they are going to look like total goofs. As they should.

    One week before the 1980 election polls showed Reagan behind Carter by 8. Reagan won in a landslide, by 10. Could that happen again? Maybe, but Reagan made his move with a great debate performance. It was internal polling the final weekend before that election that showed Reagan's huge lead. Cross your fingers and hope that history is repeating itself now.

  41. daddyquatro - Thanks for the reassuring post. I agree with your assessment of Pelosi - perhaps adding that her general political spinelessness and poll-driven agenda is deplorable - but IMO she doesn't come close to being shoe-horned into _evil_, no matter how you try and qualify it.

    I also didn't personally dislike Clinton - though I immensely disliked his recklessness in pursuit of illicit gratification; indeed, it was his oval office encounter that contributed immeasurably to the current ridicule and contempt our chief executive engenders in a contumacious public. In the same vein, I also like Bush, and wish that the Democrats could maybe try and commiserate with the exquisite horror of being the sitting president during September 11th; perhaps allow that, whether or not you agree with his offtimes questionable, sometimes disastrous, implementation, his intentions were always good, and certainly aimed at _never_ allowing another terrorist attack to take place on US soil while he was it's Commander-in-Chief.

    Although I remain unenthusiastic about both candidates, I am with you in that either one will be MY president. Your shoring-up sanity aside, the cumulative hate and rage that has gushed forth so voluminously from both camps in the blogosphere over the recent months has been appalling. With the election mere days away, I find myself dispirited and despairing before it like no other time in my life.

    Have a great Sunday.

  42. As usual, very well put! Some purely anecdotal evidence from Cape Cod: more McCain/Palin signs than there were for either Kerry OR Bush in 2004. Lots of Obama signs, too, but a startling number of "McCain/Palin/Country First" yard signs.

    While I have no doubt that Massachusetts will remain blue, it gives me hope that other areas of the country might just surprise us all (especially Obama) and swing red. Based on what I have read here and elsewhere, I have high hopes for Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Washington state. Maybe even Virginia.

    I might have known Mr. Whittle was a Blue Blaze Irregular.

  43. ~Paules says,

    More anecdotal:

    I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the moonbat capital of the Rockies, and I don't see the Obama support. Given the hype I would expect to see this town draped in Obama colors. It's just flat-out missing.

  44. Outstanding article!

    Extra points for the John Worfen quote.

    I'll be there too.

  45. I've quoted you and linked to you here:

  46. Thanks, ~Paules. You said:

    "A protracted legal battle could lead to weeks of rioting. Where would Mr. Unity find himself then?"

    Between a rock and a hard place. I appreciate your point and wish it were more persuasive; but I fear they would hang him in a heartbeat if he capitulated early in what they will be convinced was a stolen election. I doubt that statesman like reaction would have much positive effect in the ghettos. Remember, they are suspicious of him too; because he is only half black and in many ways acts white.

    Besides, it is now or never for him. If he can't win in this climate, he will never be given another shot. Further, given the culture of our ghettos, I expect rioting either way. If he wins, the ghetto celebrations will probably turn to rioting too. Buckle up and hunker down. ◄Dave►

  47. All the polls can't be wrong all the time. I believe O will win, and the Republic will survive. I wish it were otherwise.

    See you in 2012.

  48. All the polls can't be wrong all the time.

    Well, the internal polls for the campaigns are likely to be as accurate as can be expected, but if the external pollsters have an interest in the outcome of the race, of course they can be wrong all the time. From what I've read in a few places, the internal polls have this as a much closer race than what we're seeing in the media. How else can the level of campaigning in PA and OH be explained, or for that matter, NJ of all places?

  49. Chris Sastre -- After seeing eight years of Democrat partisanship turned to outright treason in their hatred of Bush I'll be damned if I do the honorable, patriotic thing and support Obama if he wins. If he wins, it's by fraud and deceit and outright crime. He will NEVER be my President.

    If he wins, for the next four years America is under a hostile occupation. I will do whatever I can to fight them. No peace, no surrender, no civility.

  50. Vote and Hope® that we don't have all that Change®. May it be as you say.

  51. ASM826
    USMC 1977-1983, conservative, libertarian. I took an Oath once, to defend the Constitution, and I don't remember being released from it.

    Thank you for your service, sir.



  53. The extinction event at the K-T boundary.

    May your time in the wilderness be both long and educational.

  54. A-mous wrote November 5, 2008 4:30 AM:

    Another tolerant leftist rears it's head. Heh.

  55. Posted: E3G.asteroid November 9, 2008 5:54 PM
    The extinction event at the K-T boundary. Q.E.D.

    Another tolerant math-challenged leftist.

    May your time in the wilderness be both long and educational.

    Two years isn't all that long. Heh.

  56. Tolerant leftist? I think that's the first time I've seen those two words used in the same sentence.


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