Saturday, November 1, 2008

Obama Supporter: Obama will take care of my mortgage and gas tank

Supporter Peggy Joseph was interviewed by a reporter after the Obamapalooza:

If he wins this election, his supporters are in for some serious disappointment.


  1. Will Obama fix my flat tire? How about an oil change? The yard could use mowing.
    I don't feel like cooking, does he deliver pizza too?

  2. No, silly daddyquatro. YOU will be filling Ms. Joseph's tank, pantry and closet. A not-even-careful reading of Obama's intentions show that social justice will be achieved when we few who actually pay more in taxes than we receive in services from the government are "encouraged" to be even more "neighborly" than we already are. Surely you have a few more hours in your work week to devote to patriotic sharing of your peanut butter sandwich; should you have any needs or wants of your own...well, fulfilling those is selfish, anyway.

    Thanks for visiting the Queendom and linking to me! I am always so thrilled when that happens! Glad to find this place, as well. Nicely organized and tons of fun material to sort through. I'll add you to my links.

  3. My pleasure, Queen 1.
    I always love finding new voices to read. I'm working my way through the archives now. The post I linked to is kinda heavy but some of your stuff is LOL funny. Especially the interplay between you and Queen 2.
    All Rule Have Exceptions should come with a beverage alert.

  4. After seeing that video it reassures me why we need to make voting a privilege not a right. Check out my idea for a "voter education course." I voted for Ron Paul this year so that lady would have to get off her butt and do something.


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