Friday, January 25, 2008

Ban Guns & Gun Crime Goes Up

The United Kingdom banned guns just over a decade ago. They were certain *that* would eliminate gun crime.

Well, go figure. The gun crime that's been officially recorded is up by 4% over last year's reporting. And this is in a country where they don't need a border fence -- they have 26 miles of ocean. Golly. Illegal guns being smuggled onto the island so that they can be used in crimes.

Not to worry, though. The law-abiding citizens won't be shooting any criminals. The criminals are safe, at least, from them.

And why did I say "officially recorded"? Well, it's an open secret that some police departments have a policy of "discouraging" too many reports. If they can "cook the books", they'll look good to their constituents. Los Angeles comes to mind. An even better example is the wonderful country of Japan, where being murdered is often termed "heart failure".


  1. Brings to mind the old joke about a sheriff investigating the death of a man shot five times in the head.
    "Worse damn case of suicide I ever saw."

  2. Yep. Five times in the head will definitely cause heart failure.


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