Monday, January 21, 2008

Pres-Race Glance: January 20

Dem: With MI, NH, IA and NV done.

Delegates Needed 2,208; Avail 4,220

109 Clinton (+ 12)
55 Uncommitted (no change)
38 Obama (+ 13)
18 Edwards (no change)
Next up: SC on 1/26, FL on 1/29

GOP: With MI, NH, WY, IA, NV and SC done.

Delegates Needed 1,259; Avail 2,386
87 Romney (+ 21)
66 McCain (+ 36)
29 Huckabee (+ 12)
11 Thompson (+ 3)
8 Paul (+ 4)
3 Uncommitted (no change)
1 Giuliani (no change)
1 Hunter (dropped out)
Next up: FL on 1/29.

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