Sunday, January 6, 2008

Today in History: January 6

  • 1941 The New York Navy Yard in Brooklyn lays down the keel of USS Missouri (BB-63).
  • 1907 Maria Montessori opens her first school.
  • 1745 Jacques-√Čtienne Montgolfier born, Annonay, Ard√®che, France
  • 1706 Benjamin Franklin born, Boston, Massachussets


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  1. I have a few more candidates for Today in History, the 6th:
    Heinrich Schliemann, born 1822, believed in and found Troy.
    Samuel Morse and Alfred Vail, 1838, demonstrated telegraphy.
    Leon Foucault, 1851, proved the Earth rotates with his pendulum.

  2. qwer,
    "proved the Earth rotates with his pendulum."
    So, Foucault was like Chuck Norris?
    But in Chuck's case it would be...
    The Earth rotates around his pendulum."