Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Again, Nuthin' but Chicago-Politics-Style "Class"...

...from the Obama administration

State Senator Kim Elton to serve as Director of Alaskan Affairs at the Interior Department.
(h/t to Wayne)

"Kim Elton?" you ask...

He would be just another Dem party-faithful-hack of little accomplishment/consequence,

...aside from being the Dem party-faithful-hack who 'bravely spearheaded' the curiously-timed
"Troopergate Scandal", for the benefit of The One's campaign and a Flushed-And-Hyperventilating MSM last summer. know, the one that was plastered across the "News" for weeks - except for the part about how the
"investigation" found no evidence of wrongdoing.

Strangely - that part seemed to have missed the notice of the throngs of objective and umpty-leventy-fact-checked "reporters" that were scouring Wasilla at the time... odd, that. /sarc-off

So - in yet another exercise of his classy, "I Won" position, Barack Obama has paid-in-full for Elton's sometimes-daily updates to the press, on his waste-of-resources, come-to-nothing, baseless bit of tittilating kabuki-theater.

Sarah's reaction to the news
said it best:

“Senator Elton pledged his allegiance to President Obama last summer,”

“We wish him well as he moves on and hope that he uses this job for Alaska’s benefit - to advance the state's oil and gas issues, including the natural gas pipeline, and to work diligently to remove the barriers imposed upon all states that want to open up their shores to off-shore drilling.

I hope he can represent Alaskans by opening ANWR, conveying the importance of responsible mining development, and building roads­ ­- all issues crucial to the future of our state."

Absolutely perfect.

- Acknowledging that Elton was bought-and-paid-for,

- Wishing him well,

- And then following up with a quick list of all the things that he's absolutely
not going to do for his state,

... as the latest bobble-head in
The One's administration.

Quite the Statesman, that Obama is.

- MuscleDaddy

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  1. I want Sarah as our next president. Jindal can be the VP


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