Monday, March 23, 2009

Steyn: Prime Minister Obama

When Mark Steyn writes, you really ought to read, just on general principles. If, therefore, you've already read this one, read it again. If you haven't, then read it twice, so that you can truly appreciate what lies in store for Western Civilization (if we fail to heed the warning).

We've been told for years how despised we are by the European elites, who in contrast loved then-Senator Obama. Why the Germans seem to love him even more than they do David Hasselhoff! Steyn takes us through what it will mean to transform the American Republic into a European-style Social Democracy under "Prime Minister Obama":

It’s interesting that it never occurred to the IMF that anyone would be loopy enough to try their study the other way around — to examine the impact on America of Europeanization. For that, we had to wait for the election of Barack Obama. Which brings us to the third problem of Europeanization: What are the consequences for the world if the hyperpower embarks on the same form of assisted suicide as the rest of the West?


  1. Damn! That was some GREAT stuff! I feel like I just got in a whole shipment of fresh ammo there.

    Thanks, Monster.


  2. God, and we are only 43 days into his administration??

  3. I recall during the whole EU debates in Britain when I was there, the people debated in the pubs what to do about "Europeanizing" their currency. The elite Labour Pary was for it but the people were not willing to give up their GBP currency for the Germans to run.

    The current scene with the 'great adored one' in office makes me wonder if our liberal elites get it vs. what the average American citizen is saying. Let's not emulate doesn't work! Gov't-controlled health care, world government, cradle-to-grave entitlements...the whole package had better stay 'over there.'


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