Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Monckton Rips Gorebal Warming Again

You may recall the joy with which I recommendedViscount Monckton's Open Letter to John McCain. If you didn't read it then, you might want to take a detour to read it first, as a nice appetizer for that is to follow.

Here is but an excerpt of his Keynote address to the 2009 International Conference on Climate Change:

Gore no longer dares to publish his supposed “evidence” for “climate crisis,” because he is rightly terrified that we here will pounce on it at once and demonstrate that it is materially, serially, seriously inaccurate--demonstrate its falsity by the dull, outmoded method of reference to the facts, the science, and the data.

When Gore appeared before the Senate a few weeks ago, the hearing was supposed to be public. For it is one of the most ancient and settled principles of parliamentary democracy that the deliberations of those whom we elect, and the testimony that their committees hear, shall be open and visible to all. Yet, with the furtive connivance of Senator Boxer and her politicized snivel servants, the science slides Gore showed to the Senators were kept secret. I and others have asked for them. They are “not available at this time.” And the Senate is “exempt from the Freedom of Information Act.”

Why are those slides “not available at this time”? Because Gore is running scared. Rightly scared. Scared of prosecution for peddling a false prospectus in Generation Investment Management. Neither Gore nor any bed-wetter will any longer dare to debate the science of climate with us or anyone in the light of day. Gore’s speaking contract stipulates that he will not debate, he will not answer unscripted questions, and he will not be interviewed except by journalists acceptable to him. Which journalists are they? The dim ones that don’t know any science, and the prejudiced ones that don’t care. Just about all of them.

Recently four of us in this room were invited to a meeting of Government and opposition leaders and policymakers in Madrid, to debate the science and economics of climate against Al Gore (not a climate scientist); Railroad Engineer Pachauri, the head of the U.N.’s climate science working group (not a climate scientist); Sir Nicholas Stern, the author of the U.K. Socialist Government’s joke report on the economics of climate change (not a climate scientist); and the Environment Minister of Spain (not a climate scientist).

All four of us--three climate scientists and I (not a climate scientist) accepted the invitation to debate. All four of them refused. They said they would only come if they could speak on their own, without facing any challenge, any debate, any question, any fact, any inconvenient truth. Not one of them dared to face us. They did not have what in English we should call the cojones.

There was no climate crisis. There is no climate crisis. There will be no climate crisis. “Global warming” is not a global crisis. It is a global scientific fraud.

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I'd say Monckton had opened up a can of whoop-ass on Al Gore and his ilk, but that would be to damn his work with faint praise. This was a semitrailer full of industrial-strength, concentrated whoop-ass. You need to savor every word of this gem.


  1. "All lands not submerged beneath the inexorably rising waves will bake and wither under permanent year-‘round drought. Yea, and the very same lands will smother and drown under permanent year-‘round floods. And plagues of locusts. And pestilences. And famines. And brimstone and fire. And boils and pustules, yea, verily, and other things that pullulate and fester and sound nasty enough to get big headlines and bigger research grants. (I see now why these bed-wetters exaggerate on such an outrageous scale. It’s a lot of fun.)"

    ...when asked for comment, Al Gore is reported to have replied:


    - MuscleDaddy

  2. MD-- Yer pretty good at that drama stuff. :-)

    I read the entire letter he sent to McCain and I was almost cheering thru parts of it. Wow. To be able to put someone in their place without using the F word and without insulting them is admirable. I wish I were that eloquent when it comes to writing, but there are those that can speak and write and then there are those who fight. I guess I'm in the last category. :-)

  3. MD-- So sorry to give you props for what was really Monckton's verbiage. That was great! He really did rip a new one on the GW supporters. I copied both documents for ammo against any more of this GW bullshit from friends and neighbors. heh heh. I'm going to love this....


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