Monday, March 16, 2009

Fuzzy Zoeller was unavailable for comment

German frozen food manufacturer Sprehe is marketing fried chicken strips under the name "Obama Fingers".

You know Germans always make good stuff!


  1. After all the gnashing-of-teeth and rending-of-hair over the "monkey-shooting" comic,...

    I can't WAIT to hear the Usual Suspects start screaming about the "Obvious Racist Message" inherent in a product that connects The One to... (wait for it)

    Fried Chicken.

    Oh. The. Humanity.

    - MuscleDaddy

  2. Hmmm...golden brown on the outside, white on the inside...seems an apt name.

  3. ...there has to be a way to work the included "curry dip" into that metaphor.

    - MD

  4. "--- ...there has to be a way to work the included "curry dip" into that metaphor. ---"

    A coded and very oblique reference to Bobby Jindal perhaps?

  5. The real hidden message is the Golden Gate Bridge.
    Still trying to crack that one...


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