Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Attention Silicon Gulch Space Cadets

Want to lose weight without losing mass? Has skydiving become, what's that word, boring? Well, Pete Diamandis has an answer for you. Surely, you remember Pete? He created the X-Prize foundation and the Rocket Racing League.

Well, his new company, Zero Gravity just finalized an agreement with NASA to help you out.

"Commercial, weightless flights will be offered this weekend at Moffett Field, Calif., under the terms of an agreement with the Zero Gravity Corp, Las Vegas. Although corporation officials said the first flight scheduled Saturday, Feb. 16 is already sold out, additional flights will be scheduled later this year."

"Passengers aboard the aircraft will experience for brief periods the same weightlessness that the space shuttle astronauts encounter while orbiting the Earth, as well as the same gravity conditions they would experience on the moon and on Mars."


  1. This is cool, but I absolutely despise the phrase "zero gravity" or "null gravity". A vehicle in which weightlessness is experienced is subject to gravity; it's just in free fall, so that the vehicle and its contents are all responding equally to the same gravity, and being accelerated the same.

  2. I suppose calling your company "Zero Gravity" sounds better than giving it a name more reflective of the experience most folks seem to have when riding the "vomit comet." :)


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