Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Still Purging the GOP

The NRA just endorsed another Democrat. This time it was in Ohio. The NRA hasn't gone crazy. It's just that there are still pockets of Rockefeller-type elitists in various spots around the country. And Ohio is one of those spots. In 2006 the NRA endorsed about 500 Democrat candidates for state and national elections instead of their GOP opponents.

U.S. House Rep. Zack Space is a strong gun rights supporter. The GOP contenders in his neighorhood are not. As the former GOP Ohio governor learned in 2006, being anti-gun can cost you an election. It's also an issue if the GOP candidate is corrupt, as was Zach's former GOP opponent.

Gun-rights is an issue that cuts across Dem-GOP party lines at the grass roots level. At the national level, the Dem leadership is anti-gun rights and the GOP leadership is mostly pro-gun rights.

Being anti-gun rights is an elitist "We Know Better Than Thou" attitude. The slow revolt against GOP elitism started with Barry Goldwater's 1964 Presidential candidacy, and it's still going. As can be seen from this year's crop of GOP candidates, elitism hasn't yet been killed off. But we've been getting closer.

I hope that local GOP party in Zach Space's district gets the message.


  1. Is the "GOP party" anything like a "PIN number" that you use at an "ATM machine" (around here possibly at "UMB Bank")?

  2. Maybe I should've said "GOP fĂȘte"? Jej.

  3. Wayne,
    I thought PCV was "positive crankcase ventilation" valve.
    But what do I know? I can't even remember my S.S.N. number.

  4. svin - You're probably right. I was remembering my father calling it a "Pollution Control Valve" from when I was a kid.


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