Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Obamathon Is On!

Will the Obamathon save America? That's the trillion dollar question.

America is a very sick place (please, no laughing in the bleachers). To help cure America, Barack Obama has been collecting pledges. The Obamathon is on! Nothing's certain but with a full nine month pregnancy ahead we think he'll be able to deliver a beautiful bouncing trillion dollars in pledges.

"So, what's the catch?", you ask. Well, for the Obamathon, the catch is that Obama is the one doing the pledging, and he is pledging your money. Not to worry, though. If you get a steady paycheck, it'll all come out automatically. A small price to pay for curing America.

Wow! Those crazy people over at the GOP have helpfully provided "thermometer" services to this year's Obamathon. Check out their cool graphic: "Barack Obama's Spend-O-Meter". As of this writing, he's at $850,350,000,000. Another $149,650,000,001 and he'll be over the top.


  1. Qwer, Dougloss,
    I know that you may be tired of the McCain thread, but if you go over to Rachel Lucas' latest post, you will find that Bill W. has posted a new comment(around #23 or so if I recall).
    Always worth a read.

  2. What? No link? Why you lazy...

  3. I'm not even sure I have the intestinal fortitude to go see what he's pledging...


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