Friday, February 15, 2008

Why Gun-Free Zones?

Another guy off his meds massacred 5 people at college. A bunch of others were wounded.

The people concerned about gun violence claim the problem is guns. But I'm not so sure.

He didn't try to shoot up a police station.

He didn't try to shoot up a military base.

He didn't try to shoot up a gun store.

He didn't try to shoot up a gun show.

He didn't try to shoot up a shooting range.

He didn't even try to shoot up a donut shop.

So, what is it that makes gun-free zones so attractive?
That's a real stumper.


  1. Actually, it's easy to see what makes gun-free zones so attractive. They hit all a liberal's hot buttons: they're easy to do, they make the liberals feel like they're doing something, and they give a sense of moral superiority. The fact that they are not only useless but seem to actually make it more likely that someone will be shot there doesn't enter into any calculations because to hold liberals responsible for the results of their actions would be "intolerant."

  2. The Truth of the matter is only secondarily important to 2nd amend. fearmongers. The mechanism for gun removal is to be judged only be its implementation, not its effect. As in, the Amendment refers to a "well-regulated Militia", which Doug explained perfectly in another post.There were no "National Guard" units when the Bill of Rights was passed,
    so the argument to separate citizens from their weapons because they "weren't military" is bogus on its face. When it isn't enough to own the truth of the matter, it is annoying to have to fight people over their own, and invalid, arguments. People who own guns are Citizens; those who don't are Subjects.

  3. So, what is it that makes gun-free zones so attractive? That's a real stumper.

    You mean attractive to the shooters, or to the people who create them? If it's the shooters, it's simple. They're afraid of donuts. There are many current, former, and future policemen in those places, and the likelihood of running into someone carrying donuts is high. Since gun-free zones have a lower likelihood of attracting the type of people who carry and eat donuts, they naturally go there.


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