Monday, February 4, 2008

Today in History: February 4

  • 362 Roman Emperor Julian promulgates his Tolerance Edict; equal rights to all the religions.
  • 1703 The real Forty-Seven Ronin, except the messenger Terasaka Kichiemon, commit ritual suicide (AKA ChÅ«shingura).
  • 1789 First Electoral College unanimously elects George Washington first President.
  • 1875 German physicist Ludwig Prandtl born; father of aerodynamics.
  • 1915 Joseph Goldberger's clinical study to find the cause of Pellagra (blotchy skin, ennui, insanity, and death) begins; results usher in the concept of vitamins.
  • 1941 American Roy Plunkett patents Teflon.
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  1. The first and only time the Electoral College has been unanimous.


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