Friday, March 7, 2008

Kim Jong Il's Horn of Plenty

Kim Jong Il presents himself as a demigod to his people, and presents his country as a veritable paradise -- a correctly run paradise. Everywhere else in the world is much much worse.

And demigod is the correct term. His North Korean flock worship him. At numerous larger-than-life statues, they stand and bow down to him.

Unfortunately, there are some backsliders in Kim's paradise.

Late February, for example, 15 of those backsliders were captured. They apparently didn't believe in Kim's land of plenty. So, as they happened to live next to the Chinese border, they crossed over looking for food to eat. When they crossed back they were caught.

It turns out that Kim has been trying to make a point to his people that they should stay inside his borders. He really is serious about it. Recently, 22 fishermen accidentally strayed into South Korean fishing waters, were picked up by the South Korean military and sent back to North Korea. They were immediately executed, of course. Straying from the One True Path isn't what Kim wants for his flock.

And for the backsliders who crossed into China looking for food? Normally, the penalty is 7 years hard labor. But, of late, Kim has been having a problem with obedience. And soon, the Spring harvest will fail again. He probably isn't looking forward to that problem.

So, the thirteen women and two men were lined up on a bridge with the whole town told to turn out and watch. Then they were shot. Murdered. As a warning to other starving members of his flock.

Kim's simple message -- starve like noble worshipers of his flock. Or be murdered.
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You see, Kim's Horn of Plenty is chock full of bullets.

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