Thursday, March 27, 2008

Today in History: March 27

  • 1836 Goliad Massacre: 400 Texan prisoners murdered on orders of Mexican dictator of 3 years General Santa Anna.
  • 1845 German physicist Wilhelm Röntgen born; 1901 (first) Nobel, for discovering X-rays.
  • 1857 English mathematician Karl Pearson born; wrote The Grammar of Science (1892), influencing 23 year-old Albert Einstein; Pearson's R (product-moment correlation coefficient) statistic; the Chi-Square test of statistical significance.
  • 1933 Reginald Gibson and Eric William Fawcett accidentally discover a practical method of creating polyethylene.
  • 2002 Passover massacre: Palestinian Hamas terrorists kill 30 Israeli Jews, mostly senior citizens and holocaust survivors, on the Jewish Passover holiday; attack praised by official Palestinian Authority newspaper on 01/21/03.
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