Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Major Leftist Newspapers Still Sliding

The percentage loss over the last four years (to 9/2007) in average daily circulation for major leftist weekday newspapers, along with their current circulation. Those with over a half million circulation are in bold. (NB, The Wall Street Journal has a very leftist editorial board.)

-2.1% USA Today, 2,293,000
-3.8% The Wall Street Journal, 2,012,000
-6.5% New York Daily News, 681,000
-7.2% The New York Times, 1,038,000
-8.8% Chicago Tribune, 559,000
-8.9% The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, 333,000
-9.1% Houston Chronicle, 503,000
-9.2% Detroit Free Press, 320,000
-10.0% == Newspaper Industry Average Loss ==
-10.2% (Minneapolis) Star Tribune, 342,000
-10.2% The Philadelphia Inquirer, 338,000
-10.9% The (Phoenix) Arizona Republic, 385,000
-13.3% The Washington Post, 635,000
-13.6% The (Newark) Star-Ledger, 353,000
-16.8% The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 318,000
-19.9% The Boston Globe, 361,000
-20.2% Los Angeles Times, 795,000
-28.8% San Francisco Chronicle, 374,000

Stock tip, stay away from the SF Chronicle.

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