Friday, March 21, 2008

Today in History: March 21

  • 1685 Master German composer Johann Sebastian Bach born.
  • 1768 French mathematician Jean-Baptiste-Joseph Fourier born; wrote The Analytic Theory of Heat, introducing Fourier Series and expanding the concept of a function.
  • 1839 Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky born; wrote the opera Boris Godunov, Night on Bald Mountain (used in Disney's animated film Fantasia), and Pictures at an Exhibition.
  • 1925 Austrian physicist Wolfgang Pauli publishes his quantum "exclusion principle".
  • 1925 Tennessee's Butler Act signed by governor, prohibits teaching Evolution in any public school, leading to the Scopes Monkey Trial.
  • 1965 Martin Luther King, Jr. leads some 3,000 civil rights protest marchers from Selma to the state capitol at Montgomery, AL; arriving 4 days later with 25,000.
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