Friday, March 7, 2008

Obama's Problem From Hell Gone

Samantha Power is a professor at Harvard ("Global Leadership and Public Policy"). She wrote a book about genocide. She titled it A Problem From Hell. She won a Pulitzer Prize for this book. On the whole, I liked it, and I recommend it. It's a pretty good book except for her assumption that America, being the only remaining superpower, *is* responsible for not stopping on-going genocides around the world. That assuption led to some America-bashing toward the end of the book. Apparently, in her view, the fact that local or regional powers do nothing isn't particularly noteworthy. In reading this book, I (naively) got the impression that she doesn't like genocide.

However, there is one genocide that Ms. Power apparently is perfectly fine with.

She has no problem with the attempted genocide of Israeli Jews. In fact, she actually supports the destruction of Israel. In reading her book on genocide and the steps that America should take to stop it, you wouldn't get this idea. I doubt it would sell very well.

The recent mass murder of Israeli Jewish high school children by Palestinians, widely celebrated by Palestinians, is a good illustration of this. How does Ms. Power react to it? Silence. She isn't interested in condemning this massacre of Jews.

In fact, she is working to eliminate Israel from the Middle East. And up till today she was doing this as Presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama's senior foreign policy advisor -- his leading foreign policy guru.

Here's what Sen. Obama had to say about this Jewish massacre:

I strongly condemn this cowardly and outrageous attack. The United States must strongly support Israel's right and capability to defend itself. Today, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families, and with the Israeli people who defeat these terrorists every single day that they go about their daily lives.

And here's what his senior foreign policy advisor -- a specialist on genocide -- had to say about it.

(crickets)... (crickets)...

Ms. Power has already publicly promised that a President Obama will meet with Iran's Ahmadinejad on the subject of Middle East terrorism. But she hasn't condemned his statements promising to wipe Israel and it's Jews off the face of the earth with nuclear weapons.

Ms. Power was becoming Sen. Obama's own personal Problem From Hell.

Fortunately, Ms. Power, who has been in Europe touting her new book (Chasing the Flame: Sergio Vieira de Mello and the Fight to Save the World), had the misfortune to tell her version of the truth one too many times. She called Sen. Hillary Clinton "a monster" during an interview with The Scotsman newspaper.
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So, now, she's gone. Back to Harvard. To "teach" young adults. About which genocides are bad, and which genocides are just peachy.

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