Sunday, March 16, 2008

An Open Letter to Barak Obama's Supporters

It’s been a rough couple of weeks.

You had a candidate that just looked – terrific. Ivy league education, a man of faith. Campaigning, he said, in a new and different way. He wasn’t going to descend into the “politics of personal destruction.” He was above that. He was going to bring us together. His new way of doing things would appeal across the spectrum, left to right, rich to poor.

But then reality started creeping in. You started hearing about how he made his money, who he was associated with. And it was a little creepy.

But you kept thinking – this guy has to be smarter than that, doesn’t he? I mean, can’t he see what this is doing to him? With his Ivy League education, the graduate degree from Harvard – what he hell is he thinking?

But he kept making stupid mistakes. More embarrassing parts of his past cropped up. Instead of genuinely addressing them he stayed loyal to people he should have dumped. Loyalty is great, but not when it’s costing you and your supporters all your political capital.

Good God. He’s a moron. And you fell for it.

That makes you a moron, too.

Now you know how it feels to support George Bush.


  1. I love it, D!
    GWB is not a stupid man. Neither is BHO.
    I just don't think either of them have ever lived in the real work'a day world that we live in.
    We are seriously in need of another Hiram Ulysses; 21 out of 39 at West Point. Failed tanner, failed farmer, failed storekeeper, the first (and only) lieutenant general since Washington. One tough SOB when it came to defeating the enemy.

  2. Great work, D!

    I think you're using the phrase "lieutenant general" differently from its current meaning, D4. There are a lot of three-star generals in the US Army, Air Force, and Marines.

  3. Loved that one!

    I've said to other people, on the matter of Obama's Pastor-of-20-years, that Character is what a man does when he thinks no one is looking or otherwise thinks he is safe from scrutiny.

    We have seen the man the Pastor is when he is in a place where he feels safe.

    Knowing that, then - what manner of man must Obama be to have joyfully supported a man like that for so long?

    And is that the manner of man we want occupying our country’s highest office?

    - MuscleDaddy

  4. Monster,
    Yeah, I should have left out the (and only)


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