Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bill on NRO: Where Was the Ad?

Bill asks the question Where Was the Ad? at NRO. You know, the one that points out the Audacity of Hypocrisy, and a bonus dose of double standards:

And if that doesn’t bother you – at least a little – just ask yourself one question: What if Senator Obama, running on a platform of Change and “a new kind of politics” was the one to accept public financing, and the Republican opponent did not. What if the Democrat, true to his principles and a personal pledge, held true to his beliefs, while the Republican raised six hundred million dollars and turned off the standard credit card anti-fraud protections while doing so? What if the Republican outspent the democrat more than seven to one, and, as a result was up by a few points in key battlefield states.
I'd say for starters, the MainScream Media would tell us about the spending disparity and broken promise every single day.

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