Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Breakfast Discussion With My Daughter...

This morning over breakfast, Angela (9 years old & previously referred to as MuscleBaby-The-Elder) asked me what I was "thinking about so hard".

I looked up and told her:
"Barack Obama won the election for President last night - and I'm thinking about that."

She was quiet for a moment and then said:
"[kid-@-school] said Obama wants to let the Bad Guys destroy the world".

(despite keeping partisan-talk out of the house, this is apparently what kids talk about in fourth-grade these days)

I bit my tongue (hard - I can still feel it), and then calmly answered:
"Well, he just doesn't feel that it should be up to us to stop them."

I watched her digest that, with her pretty little eyebrows knitted together (and they really are pretty - some of you have seen pics) - then she looked back up from her cereal and asked:

"Then who will?"

-- I don't know, Baby.

- MuscleDaddy


  1. Wow.
    The talk from my two youngest (1st and 3rd grade) was that Obama would make them go to school on Saturday. I'm not sure where that one came from.
    And yes, MBtE is gorgeous. She must get it from her Mom. :>)

  2. Ah yes, racism and hatred starts early these days it appears, and in the home no less- lovely. Your children must be proud mr. h to the 8 to the e to the r. God help our country when people can be demonized for looking/believing differently. Sad. Truly Sad. Luckily I won't be anywhere near toxic people like yourself and the 3G "commune"ity, i'll be too busy looking towards America's brighter, more just, and optimistic future.

  3. I had held out a slim hope that our nation electing its first (part) black president would settle this bovine excrement of his being opposed on race. His-story, if you ever bother to return, I challenge you to show one place where MD or MDtE made reference to President-elect Obama's race. Also, ironic that you would call out the "commune" in community (showing your utter ignorance of the nuances of the English language), when the outlook that most resembles communism in this case is the domestic policy statements of Mr. Obama. The philosophies generally promoted at E3G are the antithesis of communism.

    MD, D4, I know one should not feed the trolls, but after all this nation has been through to get here, I can't stand to see someone pretend that progress never happened. Oyster out.

    PS Thank you for sharing that story, MD. It's a solemn one, but it's encouraging to know that at least some of our children still know how to think. God bless your family.

  4. Damn you, MD, for the lump in my throat.

  5. Dear Mr. (rocky-mountain?) Free Range Oyster,

    Your understanding of the word "sarcasm" is obviously in need up an update. Here's a little tutelage:

    Pronunciation: \ˈsär-ˌka-zəm\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: French or Late Latin; French sarcasme, from Late Latin sarcasmos, from Greek sarkasmos, from sarkazein to tear flesh, bite the lips in rage, sneer, from sark-, sarx flesh; probably akin to Avestan thwarəs- to cut
    Date: 1550
    1: a sharp and often satirical or ironic utterance designed to cut or give pain
    2 a: a mode of satirical wit depending for its effect on bitter, caustic, and often ironic language that is usually directed against an individual b: the use or language of sarcasm

    You see, Mr RM Oysters... the "commune" I refer to is the "cult" of #G. How can I say such a thing, well one sure sign of a cult is group think. The precious previous posterior pontificating posts here demonstrably show this psychology. Mr. Oyster I'm afraid metaphorically speaking that Obama and Biden "the Walrus and the Carpenter" have come to take away your little bubble world of conservatism. Chow for now...

  6. Kulak,

    Sorry - it was a little overwhelming to me too, once I'd had time to think about it.
    (the subject of the conversation, AND that I was having it with my 9-year-old, AND that she could see & know what should have been the most important question to ask on the 4th)

    ...just decided I had to share that weight with the rest of you.

    - MuscleDaddy

  7. His-story moves/Poor Mr.,

    "Walrus & Carpenter" - Interesting choice of metaphor you've chosen for Obama & Biden - if perhaps more honest, revealing and prophetic than you intended...

    "O Job-Makers and Businessmen
    Our country’s on the run!
    Can we count on you to raise and build?
    But answer came there none --
    And this was scarcely odd, because
    They'd eaten every one."

    - MuscleDaddy

  8. Sorry, lefty(ies?). The essence of sarcasm is wit, which you've displayed none of. Speaking of "group think," you're providing a prime example of such. You haven't (probably aren't equipped to, but I won't make that claim) demonstrated any evidence to back up your assertions and somehow think that just the very fact that you make the claims gives them some cachet. How very leftist of you! :)

  9. How sad Mr. Muscles/no cognition. Just to correct your unoriginal and rather sad attempt at plagiarizing a truly great writer and thinker I thought I'd offer the reader of the 3G Commune here the "actual" beauty of Mr. Lewis:

    "O Oysters," said the Carpenter,
    "You've had a pleasant run!
    Shall we be trotting home again?'
    But answer came there none--
    And this was scarcely odd, because
    They'd eaten every one.

    Though I'm sure you "attempt" at poetry was in the good ol' conservative spirit of propagandizing ANYTHING, I must say it came across(tic) as




    Chow for now little oysters.

  10. So Lewis, you have nothing to offer but bile and vitriol, eh? About what we've come to expect from you lot. Learn to think and defend your position, and we can have some spirited discussions. Continue to be an arse, and we'll continue to laugh at you and scorn you.


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