Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why They HAVE To Hate Palin...

The other day (right after seeing CNN do it) , I found myself in a brief discussion with some mouth-breathing network-news adherents who were busily parrotting the MSM talking points around the latest push to marginalize Sarah Palin into "non-threat-to-The-One-in-four-years" status.
I calmly destroyed point-after-point, using nothing but historical fact and logic, but was later bothered by what I saw as just one more salvo in a much larger battle. I spoke to my brother about this (some of you may remember Monopticus) - which helped me sort of codify the following ramble....

The biggest problem Palin ever had was that she’s demonstrated herself to be the living, breathing embodiment of America’s Frontier Spirit ("Hey! Hold on, let me stomp off some of this snow - there - Now, what's the problem? Aw, Hell, we can fix that!") - and ran afoul of a media (and I mean nearly ALL media) that has labored slavishly for years to make any commitment/proclamation to the favor of that AFS not only Politically Incorrect (in the very country where it brought them to their own relevance) , but actually…Rude.

This is just another demonstration of the slow, insidious removal of “Hero” from the Meaningful-Word-Lexicon.

Spread that once-revered word around - with a well-meaning-appearance, of course - so that the Domino’s kid becomes a “Hero” for getting your pizza to you in 30-minutes-or-less, and suddenly, you don’t have to worry about any of those actually exceptional people mucking up your plans by saying:
“Hey! THAT’S not the way we’re supposed to be doing it.”

Because they’ll have no standing to go with that actually authentic appellation of “Exceptional”.

And this BU!!$#!T of the “New Dan Quayle” meme against Palin is just another way to get people on board with dismissing even the basis of Heroism, via a sneering rejoinder of “Standing up and saying ‘Do What’s Right Because It’s Right’ is just UN-NUANCED!!!”
- Why, the next thing you know, she’ll misspeell something!!

They have to hate Palin - not just for being who she is, but for what she both demonstrates and represents.

Because. They. Know.

They know that if we start moving the party (and, leading by example, our Country) back toward a real Conservatism - toward the real, bedrock virtues and ideals America was built on... they don’t stand a chance.

They know that the only way they get to run things is to convince people to ‘Go Along To Get Along’.

And they know that the only way to do that is to convince the mouth-breathing, lowest-common-denominator that anyone who suggests or displays actual exceptionalism is just “oversimplifying” or “being unrealistic” or “is out-of-touch with the real problems/issues” or "caught up in being a Cowboy/BoyScout/etc".

(Remember when the imagery of both the 'Cowboy' and the 'Boy Scout' was enfused with virtues and ideals considered to be universally Good? - what do you suppose ever happened to that?)

Convince them that to merely do-your-job makes you a “Hero”, then merely doing-your-job is not only the highest attainable goal, but anyone who does or suggests or expects more/better (or, God forbid, Greatness) must actually want to upset-the-system-that-keeps-us-all- (fill in the blank).

Arbeit macht frei…. Not.

So now what?

“Vote the bums out” seems to have largely been taken care of - seems like the same flesh-eating-zombies that voted in The One went for a straight Left-ticket wherever they were.

Nearly a clean-slate, as far as Conservatism is concerned, politically
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The question becomes - how do we make it so that the ideals and principles that have gotten the country this far can be considered worthy - nay, Virtuous again.

And how do we keep from getting another crop of only-degrees-from-Left McCain-RINOs, out for the "Cash-Hos-and-Blow" that comes from acting like Democrats?

- MuscleDaddy

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