Thursday, November 13, 2008

Good Question


  1. HA!

    Good catch, D4!

  2. But that's the point, isn't it?

    The government that can do everything FOR you...

    - MuscleDaddy

  3. Good one. I also love the caricature. I wonder how long before it and others similar to it are called racist? You knew the ears were coming, but I thought they would be even bigger - like a recycled and colored in Perot. Or perhaps include the toothy grin, when he reminds me of Dave Garroway's co-host Muggs... or does that date me? ◄Dave►

  4. Dave, it's only allowable for Lefties to call GWB "Chimpy", because he's a white RethugliKKKan.

    Comparing The One to J. Fred is racist. I denounce you. You would denounce yourself if you had any integrity. Which you don't, or you wouldn't have made such a racist comment in the first place.

  5. You mean I can't call our President Elect "Monkey-Boy?"

  6. I always did like the Wizard of ID.

    You want to see them really scream? Start drawing him with his face white on one side and black on the other, like that original series Star Trek episode. He IS only half black after all...

  7. It is always difficult for a newbie to a forum without emoticons, especially one with as much mind power corralled as this one, to divine whether one is having one's tail twisted, or being insulted and challenged. I'll choose to assume the former, and that Monster's tongue was firmly in his cheek. Thus, I'll dispense with the details of my ex-wife's half-moons and the years I resided in places in the world where I was among the decided minority; including Africa, where race itself is inconsequential and social status is determined by tribalism.

    Just in case it wasn't, or lest a casual reader were to think I was ducking a challenge to my integrity, I will freely admit that while I am by no means a racist, I am not encumbered with White Guilt either. I will also acknowledge that The One and I belong to very incompatible Tribes. His consists of perpetual whiners exalting helpless victimhood, which I have almost no respect for. If one reads Obama's own memoirs, one finds that unlike Shelby Steele, who came from very similar biracial roots, he deliberately opted out of my tribe to join one that blatantly and angrily despises mine. I have no sympathy for the man, whatever color or race he chooses to identify with. If anyone is a racist, it is he and his sycophants, who seem to notice little else about him. ◄Dave►

  8. Dave, trust me, Monster's tongue was firmly tucked in cheek. I was going to call him out for insulting chimps but I got distracted by something shiny.

    And Yeah, odd how 95% of the black vote going to Obama isn't called "racist"


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