Thursday, November 6, 2008

Viscount Monckton: Open Letter on AGW

In honor of the recently-departed Michael Crichton, one of the stalwart opponents of the "consensus" of Anthropogenic Global Warming, we present this open letter to John McCain, published recently by Viscount Monckton of Brenchley. It is a withering and systematic fisking of Gorebal Warming, and the statist prescriptions to "remedy" it that are advocated by both Senator McCain and President-Elect Obama (the former being generally more moderate in his pursuit of their shared agenda). Here's but a taste of why it's a must-read:

The facts are that the free market can scarcely be blamed for having failed to address an imagined "problem" that has not long been widely talked of; that, now that the free market has been made aware of the imagined "problem", it will be able to deal with the "problem" (to the extent that the "problem" is real) far more quickly and effectively than the State; and that, given the late Milton Friedman's Nobel-prizewinning observation that the State consumes twice as much of the world's resources to achieve a given objective as the free market, it is the State, not the market, that has failed, and it is the State, not the market, that must be cut down to size, regulated, and controlled.

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  1. I read this at the time it was published and though it was one of the best assesments of the issue out there. Too bad neither John McCain or Obama will ever bother to read it. Some staffer with an agenda will read and dismiss it because it is WAy to long to be worth their time. Of course they are are planning to redirect the coures of humanity by 120 degrees and in the realm of trillions of dollars but investing one hour considering the validity of their course is outside of budget. But of course they do have scientific consensious and popular opinion going for them. Science by consensions and popular opinion having been established as correct over the years and all that....


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