Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just a Voice In The Night...

So, there I am in the locker room @ the gym, when I happen to overhear Larry King on the Communist News Network - "Checking In" with CNN-correspondents in different cities...

This one creampuff "reporting" from Denver says "Well, Larry, it looks like Barack Obama is poised to take Colorado!"

But wait....

In the very next breath he says that "About 50% of the registered voters in Colorado have already cast their ballots"


So let me get this straight.... 50% - also known as HALF THE STATE - hasn't even VOTED YET but Obama is somehow "poised" to win?!?!

Oh, this is just going to be that much sweeter when, like Jennings calling FL for Gore in '00 before the polls closed, this doesn't work out for them and we kick their asses.

- MuscleDaddy


  1. Poor Daddy, your just living in LALA land brother... What will you guys do when Obama is elected for 8 years? What will you do when things start getting better for people? Name call some more? How about leaving the school yard and grow up a little eh?

  2. Oh son, what will you do if he's elected and your Messiah turns out to be the dictatorial socialist we know him to be inside? Will you deny that anything's happening, just be a "good German" and claim that Obama can do no wrong?

    Luckily, it won't come to pass, because way too many normal Americans have figured out just what Obama stands for, and it's not something we can stomach.

  3. Oh, Doug, you know they'll find some way to blame Republicans. They'll claim that Bush screwed it up so badly that it couldn't be fixed in 4 years... or 8 years, if by some insanity he was elected again.


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