Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ok - Going To Vote Now...




And Some Intimidation - Just for Good Measure

No one said the win would be easy, folks...

- MuscleDaddy


  1. That's a lovely post there NEO-con. Are you actually admitting to a felony?... online no less. LOL, oh man this 3 G "community" is really entertaining, kind of like LAW and Order.
    Here's my idea of the next episode entitled 3G:
    Man "Daddy" tries to intimidate male voting poll booth worker. But strange "feelings" come over man and he decides to have a torrid affair with poll booth worker. Cut Away, next scene is of murdered poll booth worker. Investigation ensues, man is finally convicted of murder and not being able to come to grips with his own gay tendacies. Man, call Dick Wolf...we got a great show!

  2. Haven't you heard? In Philadelphia they're refusing Republican poll watchers access to the polls. Son, I challenge you to find even one instance of Republican/conservative intimidation of poll watchers or evidence of vote fraud. We can find hundreds of them, from across the country, with Democrat/leftist perpetrators.

  3. Doug, our fresh mouse apparently didn't actually follow the links for the content, but reacted only to the text in the hyperlinks. Reading would be too much of a burden, I suppose.


  4. 'mouse don't need none 'o that book-learnin'.

    Obama's gonna take care of all that stuff for him - just like his mortgage & gas tank!

    ...right after he makes "not being able to come to grips with gay tendacies" - a crime.

    - MD

  5. These drive-bys really give me a headache. I can't wrap my skull around their twisted "reality".

  6. D4 and I argue about this issue.

    We allow completely anonymous comments here, because we don't like forcing people to sign up for an account just to be able to comment. But when someone does nothing to ID themselves (not even signing an otherwise anonymous comment like Otto did) I can get a little trigger-happy deleting their comments.

    I figure that a person who does that isn't interested in engaging in a conversation. If they aren't contributing any humor, facts, logic, or sense, then I don't feel bad about wacking what they said. But I have to remind myself that they do sometimes inadvertently contribute themselves as an example of stupidity or worse.

  7. I think this link pretty much sums up what's wrong with conservative America... if such an America really exists anymore outside of the dittohead cyberworld like this one.


  8. "reacted only to the text in the hyperlinks"

    How is the person reading this blog supposed to interpret this Mr. Otto? Especially given the history of "dog whistle" racism used by the conservative movement. Let me recommend a book to those psuedo-"intellectuals" in here who like to keep referring to people who disagree with them as "unread": A PEOPLE'S HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES by HOWARD ZINN

    Check it out, and then MAYBE, just MAYBE the conservatives in here might be able to relate to the 70 million plus voters that will vote for President Obama today.

  9. Paules says,


    Did you read the last anonymous post? WE are what's wrong with conservative America. Because, I guess, that humor, facts and logic no longer have a place. We, at least, allow dissent even from anonymous posters. Do you think the left would give us the same courtesy? Winning this election won't be enough. Vast work ahead restoring the foundations of our republic.

  10. Mouse 10:07, that article takes a handful of isolated examples of genuinely ugly behavior, mixes in legitimate political disagreements as if they were equally ugly, and spreads it with a broad brush all over the place.

    The fact is that The Card only works if used sparingly. It's been played so much that it's played out. I no longer am surprised to be called "racist". We now need a new word for the Klan and Nazis, because that one doesn't even mean anything anymore.

  11. Ah, yes, "'dog whistle' racism".

    It's not the Ace of Spades, it's a Joker used to fill out the Royal Flush.

  12. Give the first Anymouse a break. He thought he'd made a major find and MD was giving him a VRWC primer. He probably ran off to tell all his mousey friends. Some of them might actually check the links.
    I can just imagine that IM, "Dude, all these guys are, like, Democrats."

  13. anonymous at 10:07 said:

    "... if such an America really exists anymore..."

    Oh, Flyover Country exists alright. Do you think food is manufactured in your ghettos? How long would your anti-American metro-centric culture last, if redneck truck drivers stopped delivering food produced by hard working rednecks to your supermarkets? Want to find out? Just keep pushing us... there is a point beyond which we will not be able to take it anymore. I fear it is rapidly approaching. ◄Dave►

  14. I'll tell you what, seer, I'll read your Howard Zinn propaganda if you'll read "Liberal Fascism" by Jonah Goldberg. Deal? If not, then dno't expect us to servilely do whatever you think we ought to do just because you consider yourself somehow better read and more "intellectual" than your opponents here. I guarantee you, we are better versed in history and political and moral philosophy than you'll ever be.

  15. I think this is all I need to see or know of from Mr. Goldberg. LOL. When a comedian can basically tear down your ENTIRE world view in a couple minutes, you know its time to go back to the blackboard and try some new ideas. LOL


  16. Ah Dave, are you off your meds my man? Ghetto? Threats? How sad. I guess after the Obama election and the realization that your crazy "republicants" will be out of power for at least 8 years to come- threats is all your kind has left. Oh well, I can take hollow threats from a disgruntled truck driver- just keep delivering my starbucks coffee and working for slave wages. LOL.

  17. Slave wages? I know plenty of redneck truck drivers who are entrepreneurs, own their own rigs outright, are taking down six figures, and living in a nice house on five acres that cost less than a year's income, while breathing clean air, eating fresh wholesome food, and drinking pure water straight from their well. I'll bet you wish you had their disposable income... and casual lifestyle. Think about that next time you are swilling Evian from that bottle they delivered to your city. While you are at it, read that label backwards...

    Oh, and Starbucks sucks... try grinding your own Columbia Supremo beans and drip brewing it with pure water at precisely 190° F. if you want a real cup of coffee. ◄Dave►

  18. Dave,
    we seem to be experiencing an infestation of troll mice. They're unsightly and annoying, but just remember: if you don't feed the trolls, they starve. Keep that truck rolling my friend, and we'll take this convoy clear to Washington. Oyster out.

  19. So lefty you refuse to actually READ Godlberg's book, you just point to another lefty who's made fun of it? And you advise us to read the rantings of still another far lefty about how everything we know about history is wrong and it's all the evil Americans' fault? Child, you've got a lot of learning and growing to do if you ever want to play on even terms with the adults. I offered to read your propaganda if you'd read the truth from someone on our side. You're evidently so threatened by differing opinions that you can't even consider them. We've always known that you guys are at heart just authoritarian thugs. Why do you think it necessary to keep proving it, over and over?

  20. 10-4, Oyster. ◄Dave►


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