Monday, January 19, 2009

Because his election IS bigger....

...than some outdated piece of paper or, you know, Laws - after all.

Like so many things, it starts 'small' :

The relevent objection here being from:
The US Code - Section 36, Subsection 176 - part g :

"(g) The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature. "

While some might make the arguement that you could visit any flea market in the country and find all manner of images on American flags
(also known as the "But-but..HE'S doing it!" - defense).

While that's true as far as it goes - be sure that these exist in the full view and permission of the Obama campaign, the "Office of the President-Elect" and the Democrat party...

... and they should not only know better but also hold such laws in higher regard than your average flea-market vendor - so why don't they?.

Which, unfortunately, make for an excellent segue into the next (and much scarier) part:

Look at a couple of those bits - they slip right past if you're (like so many Obamalytes) not paying attention to te details...

“It was these ideals that led us to declare independence, and craft our constitution, producing documents that were imperfect but had within them, like our nation itself, the capacity to be made more perfect."

So - hold on - straight away, both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States are 'imperfect' should be changed?

"We are here today not simply to pay tribute to our first patriots but to take up the work that they began."

Sorry, but after that first sentence - it only seems reasonable to infer that 'work' being the "improvement" of those original 'imperfect' documents...

"And yet while our problems may be new, what is required to overcome them is not. What is required is the same perseverance and idealism that our founders displayed. What is required is a new declaration of independence not just in our nation, but in our own lives..independence from ideology…

Okay, when someone says "not just in" - they are most pointedly NOT saying "not in".

So that's "What is required is a new declaration of independence in both our nation and in our own lives" - a new declaration of independence...

...and I'm sorry - "independence from ideology"?

Let's look at that for a minute:

Merriam-Webster says "ideology"is:
1: visionary theorizing
2 a: a systematic body of concepts especially about human life or culture b: a manner or the content of thinking characteristic of an individual, group, or culture

So, an "ideology" is that belief system and perspective that determines how a people sees not only itself, but the world at large and their place in it.

Now think about what exactly Obama insists is required that we cast aside here...

But it's not over yet.

We should not forget we are the heirs of those who declared independence…and who somehow believed that they had the power to make the world anew, that’s the spirit we must reclaim …for the American Revolution did not end when the British guns fell silent…it was never something to be ended on a battlefield, or fulfilled in our founding documents…the American Revolution was and remains an ongoing struggle in the minds and hearts of the people…

Okay, back to Webster for "Revolution":
2 a: a sudden, radical, or complete change b: a fundamental change in political organization ; especially : the overthrow or renunciation of one government or ruler and the substitution of another by the governed.

So, I'd have to say that yes - it most certainly did end when the British guns fell silent and most certainly was fulfilled in our Founding Documents - or, even more accurately, in 1783 - when Britain officially recognized the independence of the United States...

News-flash: It was a Revolt - and we have NOT been in a constant state of revolt since then - nor were we intended to be. - So what is he really "requiring" here?

"so starting now, let’s take up in our own lives, the work of perfecting our Union. Let’s build a government…let all of us do our part to rebuild this country , let’s make sure this election is not the end of what we do to change America, but just the beginning.”

Being a 'maker of things' myself, I know these simple, iron-clad, inescapable realities:

- You can't "build" something where something else already exists, unless you are willing to destroy or remove what's already there.

- You don't "rebuild" something until it's already been destroyed.

...So what is he really calling for here?

- MuscleDaddy

p.s. - those of you who've taken it - remember your oath - MD

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