Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Well I, for one, am v-v-very interested to see w-w-what's going to happen next."

So there I am, following up on an article link from Tyrone (my favorite sparring-commenter), when I run across this in the UK Telegraph:

"Perez Hilton: Is Michelle Obama pregnant?"

Now, at the moment these stories (everyone who's anyone is buzzing about it) are still in the 'unconfirmed rumor' stage - but the idea does set one to thinking...

Michelle is, what? 45? 46? - That's 'getting on a bit' for child-bearing age.

Also, as is reiterated in the Telegraph story:

"Mrs Obama, known as America's "mom-in-chief", has stated that she and her husband and "commander-in-chief", President Barack Obama, do not plan to have another child."
So let's see - "do not plan" - so if there is, in fact, a pregnancy @ the White House, we could reasonably characterize it as 'unplanned'.

An 'unplanned pregnancy' (btw - both MuscleBabies were 'unplanned') is something we Bitter-Clingers out here in Flyover-Bumpkin-Land would largely refer to as a "Baby".

Some others would refer to an unplanned pregnancy as a "Mistake."

And we already know how The One feels about "mistakes"...

...and we already know Michelle's stance...


So - if the rumors are true, this could obviously go one of two ways:

We could either see the first White House birth in over 100 years...

...or find out just how Pro-abortion the White House really is.

(can you just imagine NARAL staging a Victory/Support demonstration in front of the White House?)

A child-bearing-age couple in the White House - and this is something to legitimately wonder about...

...God Help Us All.

  - MuscleDaddy

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