Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Intern for a Day?

This in from the NY Daily News...

So there's Chelsea, suporting her mom through confirmation hearings...
(which, according to Michelle Malkin, involve only softball questions - if any - from GOP members).

When Committee Chairman John Kerry, known for his warmth and excellent comedic timing...
...er, no, wait...

Anyway, he comes across with this gem:

“Since your father served as an intern on this committee, maybe we can make you an intern for a day, chairman’s prerogative,” Kerry said to laughs. “So if you want to come up here later and look out, we’re happy to welcome you.”

Ok, so I was bored & on my way to work when I heard that one on the radio (delivered straight and strictly as part of the story coverage) ...

So I understand that it's completely on me that my mind tossed up an image of Lurch leering down from the podium, uttering the words...

"Your father served..."

"...an Intern..."

"...we can make you an intern for a day..."

"...if you want to come up here later..."

Even now, a couple of hours later, I'm still torn between flinching, laughing and checking to make sure my cup is sympathetically in place against the inevitable kick, delivered to Lurch with such force as to be deemed the new "Shot Heard 'Round The World".

If Chelsea's expression is any indication:

... she may have heard it the same way.


- MuscleDaddy

P.S. - it's not just me - Chelsea is looking hotter than she has any right to?



  1. P.S. - it's not just me - Chelsea is looking hotter than she has any right to?


    Chelsea Clinton reminds me of the famous two-face girl from Seinfeld. [BTW, MD - was it you who said he couldn't stomach the show? I cannot fathom that - it must be one of those con/lib disparities that make each side so unfathomable to the other]

    If you haven't seen that episode, she's the girl who looks stunning in a certain light, and like a haggard crone in another. Chelsea has that effect upon me - everytime I'm ready to declare "Yes, dagnabit, she's inching towards heat", I see a new photo in which her two-face countenance chills the blood in my veins and supersedes my previously formed opinion.

  2. I have the same reaction to the Olsen twins. They are SO hot! Until they actually face the camera.


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